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Meet Urbanite, Jesse Canedo

by Althea Achem | Sep 12, 2016

Fall-Urbanite-Home-Page-215x215 By Geri Massengale

Ask Jesse Canedo what he does for a living and he’ll tell you he is a “business advocate supporting everyone from first time business owners to global companies.” Canedo moved from Texas a little over a year ago after landing his job at the City of Bellevue. He had never been to the Pacific Northwest, but the region seemed to fit his love for the outdoors, and he says Downtown is the perfect urban setting for his lifestyle. Canedo spoke to us about what he loves about Downtown and his hopes for the city.

What do you love most about being the City’s Economic Development Manager? The thing I love about my job is the breadth of people I get to interact with. There’s this incredible amount of energy here and it’s great to be a resource to these new businesses and tap into that energy.

Why did you choose to live in Downtown Bellevue?
I love urban neighborhoods and I wanted to be in Downtown Bellevue to be a user of the product that I’m marketing and selling. It’s close to work—I’m lucky in my professional career that my commute has always been less than 15 minutes long. Today, I have a leisurely 10 minute walk to the office.
What  makes  Downtown  Bellevue unique?
The energy here is constantly changing and growing. There’s still this half-finished canvas and untapped opportunity to create new experiences and traditions in Downtown Bellevue.

What are your hopes for the city?
Bellevue’s already on a great trajectory and a lot of the things I’m hoping for are already coming true. But I’d like to see the city truly embrace its place as a video game development hub. Maybe even have a video game museum.

What would you like to see more of?
I know the transportation department is working on this, but I’d like to see more bike infrastructure. I’m a casual bike rider and so it would be nice to do that around Downtown Bellevue more.

Ideal weekend?
I’m a huge coffee guy so on Saturdays I drink coffee and catch up on reading. I probably caffeinate on a Saturday enough for the whole week ahead. I really like the coffee and the set up at Honor Coffee.

Favorite Happy Hour?
Daniel’s Broiler or El Guacho.

Favorite Event?
The Bellevue Arts Fair weekend was really awesome. It’s huge! I took my family there when they were visiting. My mom loves art.

Canedo is looking forward to seeing Downtown grow into its potential and he’s eager to work with new businesses. If you’re an aspiring business owner, he encourages you to get in touch via email at jcanedo@bellevuewa.gov or on LinkedIn.
The Urbanite is featured in the Bellevue Downtown Magazine. You can read the full magazine HERE!

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