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Give yourself a gift of good health

by Paige Anderson | Nov 30, 2015
Tips from a Downtown Bellevue health coach Debbie Potts

The holiday season tends to be a busy time of year. With buying presents, planning parties and traveling to visit family, it can all be overwhelming. Debbie Potts, health coach and owner of Fitness Forward in Downtown Bellevue, encourages you to stay on top of your health this season and into the New Year.

As you go into the holiday season here are a few tips to stay healthy:

  • Block out and schedule your workouts in advance for 30 minutes each day. Prioritize “me time” each day even if it is walking the dog or going for a bike ride.
  • Use a heart rate monitor such as MYZONE to challenge yourself in your aerobic training or interval training. For even more motivation, your effort is rewarded with points.
  • Choose strength training workouts with total body movements and cardio blasts for 30 minutes. It’s less time with more results over working out longer than 30 minutes on the Elliptical or bike.exercise   
  • Sign up for small group personal training sessions one to three times per week for 30 minutes. Consistency keeps you accountable and motivated to exercise with your trainer and your workout buddies. 
  • Remember you can’t out exercise a bad diet so make wise choices when eating. Moderation is key so don’t go overboard on sugar.  Make sure you’re including healthy fats and quality proteins together with your vegetables as well as when drinking alcohol.
  • Set goals and keep a positive attitude. Make your goal to maintain, not gain during the holidays with Fitness Forward’s Holiday Calorie Blasters Challenge starting on Thanksgiving Day until New Year’s Day. 

IMG_1045 (2)For the New Year, Potts is launching the Fitness Forward 21 day Sugar Detox: the Wholestic Method to fat loss, health and performance. The program will address nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, movement, digestion and gut health, hydration and happiness. “The main secret to success in our program is to be mentally ready to change and improve lifestyle habits.” Potts said. The program begins in January 2016.  All participants are encouraged to recruit a team of three to five people to embark on the new fat loss and health journey together. Program cost is $597 per person. Learn more at ftinessforwardstudio.com/fuel

Debbie Potts


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