City of Bellevue Development Services

Development Services offers one-stop shopping for general information and the permits needed for development activity in Bellevue and the utility service area. See the recently adopted interim regulations governing single-family dwelling rentals.Learn about the streamlined permitting process for residential solar photovoltaic systems. Learn More.

City of Bellevue Licenses and Permits

To conduct business in Bellevue, permits and licenses may be required. All businesses must register for city and state business and occupation taxes. Our City Taxes offers details about business and occupation taxes and others. Construction, tenant improvements and certain land use activities require building and land-use permits from Development Services. Learn More.

For Small Business

The following partner agencies can help solve operational and organizational problems or provide expert advice on how to grow and sustain success. These agencies can help businesses that want to update the way they identify and reach their customers or shift strategic goals to adjust to changes in the economy. Learn More.