Business development is a priority for the city government and community leadership. There is a robust and constant dialogue between the sectors - you can't say that about all cities.

Organizations working on your behalf

Flourishing organizations ensure positive, working partnerships to maintain a strong economic environment.

Prominent business leadership alliances

  • The Bellevue Downtown Association, established in 1974, the Bellevue Downtown Association is a nonprofit, membership organization whose mission is to lead the continuing evolution of Downtown Bellevue as the economic and cultural heart of the Eastside.
  • The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, is the Voice of Business in Bellevue and the Eastside and has the mission to provide leadership, influence, programs and partnerships that advance Bellevue as the best city for business and talent.
  • Leadership Eastside, is a next generation regional leadership development program, supported by a broad base of public, private and not-for-profit organizations committed to the health and vitality of the region. Its mission is to promote connections, develop and enrich leaders, and be a catalyst for communities to address important issues and meet the challenges of a diverse and dynamic region.

Visionary city planning and leadership

  • The vision and plan for the Central Business District was set in place in the early 1980's, and has been consistently implemented and is the basis for the current growth and success.
  • Based on that experience, the city has invested in a new plan for the 912-acre Bel-Red Corridor. Stretching from Downtown Bellevue to Redmond and running along Bel-Red Road, the plan for this area creates a gradual transformation into a place that accommodates housing, mixed-use developments and open space.
  • Excellence in financial management - As the city moves forward with new vision and growth, it acts responsibly. For example, for something like the new Bel-Red plan, the City does extensive modeling, looks at fiscal impacts, and identifies risks and manages them.
  • Downtown Plan

Source: The Bellevue Washington Advantage by Bellevue Economic Partnership