Issaquah Dance Theatre Presents The Nutcracker

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Issaquah Dance Theatre Presents The Nutcracker

Become mesmerized by the colorful costumes, pageantry, and festive scenery including snow falling from the sky! It is Christmas Eve-The Stahlbaums are hosting their annual Christmas party, festive music and dance ensue as godfather Drosselmeyer arrives. He is a skilled clock and toy maker and always full of surprises. Drosselmeyer draws everyone's attention as he presents dancing dolls.

The children begin to open gifts when Drosselmeyer presents The Nutcracker for Clara. Fritz becomes jealous and breaks The Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer quickly repairs the Nutcracker with a magical wave of his hand.

As the clock strikes midnight strange things begin to happen. The Christmas tree grows, the toys around the tree come to life while the room fills with an army of mice, led by the fierce Rat King. As the Nutcracker awakens, he leads his army of toy soldiers into battle with the mice.

The Nutcracker and his army can go on no longer and are captured by the mice and their King. Clara makes a final daring charge throwing her slipper at the Rat King, hitting him square on the head. The Rat King drops to the floor and the mice run away, carrying off their leader in tears. The Nutcracker turns into a Prince and takes Clara on a journey to the Land of Snow, an enchanted forest wonderland where they are welcomed by dancing snowflakes.

Clara awakens and finds herself in her living room with her beloved Nutcracker. Was is all a dream or did Drosselmeyer cast a magic spell?