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AnchorHead Coffee

Categories Coffee & Tea Al Fresco

555 110th Ave NE
Suite 101
Bellevue, WA 98027

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Brewed and bottled by hand on the outskirts of the coffee capital of the world, Anchorhead Coffee brings you a premium coffee concentrate that will redefine the way you drink coffee. Using the finest all-natural, fair trade Arabica coffee beans, their coffee is steeped at a controlled temperature for 16 hours, then double filtered and bottled in glass. By never introducing heat into the brew process Anchorhead is able to keep more of the beans natural flavor with a much lower acidity resulting in a much smoother, less bitter coffee experience.

Choose between a single serving, ready-to-drink bottle that’s pre-mixed with water and coffee, or a 12oz bottle of pure concentrate that you can mix with anything you want to create your favorite beverage exactly to your liking.

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