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  • Whole Foods Opens 365 Bellevue in Bellevue Square Mall

    by Althea Achem | Sep 12, 2016

    Doors open September 14, 2016 at 9 a.m.

    The first 100 people in line can receive a gift card anywhere between $5 - 365!

    The first 365 people in line receive a free reusable Better Bags! 

    The smaller format offers Whole Foods’ brands at a lower cost and is focused to provide more convenience for shoppers. It has all the essentials for a typical grocery trip. From local organic produce to wine and spirits from all across the world, 365 is the new one-stop shop of the Downtown Bellevue.


    Some new features to look forward to:

    Awesome Deli Section - This section has ready to eat food to choose from and includes a quick order station where you can personalize your own burrito, pizzas and hot dogs. 


    Wild Ginger -The Asian Fusion Restaurant will be partnering with 365 as a featured local kitchen where you can take out or eat inside their casual dining area. 


    Membership Rewards Program -The rewards program is free to sign up and will offer perks such as weekly coupons, everyday discounts off of selected products and punch cards where you can buy 10 of a particular product and get 1 one free.


    Location: South end of Bellevue Square Mall (where JCPenney used to be)

    Hours: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m., seven days a week  

    Parking: Available in the South lot on NE 4th and 102nd

    By foot, bike or hoverboard: Walking distance from the transit center

    For more information get connected to ​365 Bellevue!


    The Bellevue location is the third 365 to open nationwide. Whole Foods plans to open 11 more stores throughout the states in the next year. 


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  • Meet Urbanite, Jesse Canedo

    by Althea Achem | Sep 12, 2016

    Fall-Urbanite-Home-Page-215x215 By Geri Massengale

    Ask Jesse Canedo what he does for a living and he’ll tell you he is a “business advocate supporting everyone from first time business owners to global companies.” Canedo moved from Texas a little over a year ago after landing his job at the City of Bellevue. He had never been to the Pacific Northwest, but the region seemed to fit his love for the outdoors, and he says Downtown is the perfect urban setting for his lifestyle. Canedo spoke to us about what he loves about Downtown and his hopes for the city.

    What do you love most about being the City’s Economic Development Manager? The thing I love about my job is the breadth of people I get to interact with. There’s this incredible amount of energy here and it’s great to be a resource to these new businesses and tap into that energy.

    Why did you choose to live in Downtown Bellevue?
    I love urban neighborhoods and I wanted to be in Downtown Bellevue to be a user of the product that I’m marketing and selling. It’s close to work—I’m lucky in my professional career that my commute has always been less than 15 minutes long. Today, I have a leisurely 10 minute walk to the office.
    What  makes  Downtown  Bellevue unique?
    The energy here is constantly changing and growing. There’s still this half-finished canvas and untapped opportunity to create new experiences and traditions in Downtown Bellevue.

    What are your hopes for the city?
    Bellevue’s already on a great trajectory and a lot of the things I’m hoping for are already coming true. But I’d like to see the city truly embrace its place as a video game development hub. Maybe even have a video game museum.

    What would you like to see more of?
    I know the transportation department is working on this, but I’d like to see more bike infrastructure. I’m a casual bike rider and so it would be nice to do that around Downtown Bellevue more.

    Ideal weekend?
    I’m a huge coffee guy so on Saturdays I drink coffee and catch up on reading. I probably caffeinate on a Saturday enough for the whole week ahead. I really like the coffee and the set up at Honor Coffee.

    Favorite Happy Hour?
    Daniel’s Broiler or El Guacho.

    Favorite Event?
    The Bellevue Arts Fair weekend was really awesome. It’s huge! I took my family there when they were visiting. My mom loves art.

    Canedo is looking forward to seeing Downtown grow into its potential and he’s eager to work with new businesses. If you’re an aspiring business owner, he encourages you to get in touch via email at jcanedo@bellevuewa.gov or on LinkedIn.
    The Urbanite is featured in the Bellevue Downtown Magazine. You can read the full magazine HERE!

    Be our next Urbanite! Do you live and work in Downtown Bellevue? Email althea@bellevuedowntown.org and tell us your place of residence, employer and Downtown Bellevue story. The Urbanite is featured online and in our Bellevue Downtown Magazine.



  • The City of Bellevue seeks volunteers to serve on Diversity Advisory Network

    by Althea Achem | Sep 09, 2016
    • Do you live or work in Bellevue? 

    • Do you Have cultural connections and knowledge of the city's diverse population?

    • ​Do you Possess a willingness, curiosity and interest in bridging cultural gaps to strengthen community?

    Yes? Then the city is looking for volunteers like you! 

    As part of an effort to provide better service to its increasingly diverse population, the City of Bellevue is seeking volunteers to serve on the Bellevue Diversity Advisory Network. The 16-member panel will advise the city on how to better reach, serve, communicate and collaborate with everyone in the community.

    Members of the group will serve as a conduit between the community and city to ensure that Bellevue is a culturally responsive organization guided by the principles of equity, access, inclusion, opportunity and cultural competency.

    Members will be selected in the fall. The deadline for applications is Sept. 21.

    Please visit The City of Bellevue website for more information and to apply! You can also contact Mark Manuel, diversity outreach and engagement administrator at mmanuel@bellevuewa.gov or 425-452-7886.



  • Snowflake Lane is accepting audition email submissions until Sept. 14

    by Althea Achem | Sep 08, 2016
    Spend the holiday season with the people you care for most, invite your friends to the event!

    Click ​HERE to get to the audition packets and any other information you will need for the audtions!  

    September 17th, 2016: Characters, Stilts, and Dancing Tech Crew
    September 18th, 2016: Drummers and Dancers
    Video Submissions: Novelty Acts Only

    TIME: By appointment only! 
    You must EMAIL in your forms/photos by 9/14/16 to snowflakelane@yahoo.com

    Once they receive your forms and process them, they will contact you to inform you of your appointment time between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Please leave this block of time open and available until you receive your appointment time).

    LOCATION: Downtown Bellevue
    Exact location and directions will be given to you with your appointment time. 

    AGE: 16 years or older (must be 16 by 12/31/16)

    WHO: They require all members to audition! They are looking for energy, smiles, excitement, positive attitude, interaction with others and the public, dependability and the ability to follow written instructions, verbal instructions and direction.

    If you have any questions, please email: snowflakelane@yahoo.com




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  • Fall Issue of Bellevue Downtown Magazine is out!

    by Althea Achem | Sep 07, 2016
    As summer wanes, leaves fall and air turns crispy and cool, you have a bounty of ways to warm up your days and nights in the DTB. This issue highlights many extraordinary fall events, from the fundraisers in support of great local causes to The Bellevue Collection’s Fashion Week to spooktacular Halloween festivities. 

    Click the below image to read the full Fall 2016 Issue of Bellevue Downtown Magazine

    Fall 2016 Cover

    Do you want a copy of the magazine that you can hold in your hand? Here's where you can find them:

    • Check your office building - we distribute the magazine to over 20 major office buildings in Downtown Bellevue

    • The Bellevue Collection (Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, Bellevue Place)

    • Downtown restaurants and retailers

    • Bellevue City Hall, community centers, Bellevue libraries and Meydenbauer Center

    • Check in your apartment/condo building!

    • Residential and commercial real estate brokers

    • Downtown Bellevue hotels

    • Bellevue Downtown Association office, located at 400 108th Ave. NE Suite 110


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