Concentrating new development in Downtown Bellevue has been a consistent strategy for three decades. In 1979, a new plan for downtown called for greater density of jobs, housing and retail activity to fuel the city's economy and protect single-family neighborhoods from growth. This move led to Bellevue's first skyscrapers.

Today Bellevue remains on track with its planning targets and demand for space in Downtown Bellevue is strong.

What's going up in Downtown Bellevue?


View the Bellevue development map created by CBRE

Projects under construction

Alamo Manhattan Main Street
10505 Main Street

Alley 111
11011 NE 9th Street

Bellevue Apartments / LIHI
204 111th Avenue NE

Bellevue at Maine/SRM
15 Bellevue Way SE

Marriott Hotel (Building Permit)
200 110th Avenue NE

SOMA Towers Phase II
288 106th Avenue NE

Schnitzer NW/ 415 Office Building
415 106th Ave NE

Lincoln Square Expansion
410 Bellevue Way NE

Bellevue Office Tower
833 108th Ave NE

Main Street Gateway
10328 Main Street

Bellevue Park II Apartments
10203 NE 1st Street

Issued land use & building

103rd Avenue Apartments (Land Use)
1025 103rd Avenue NE

Bellevue Center Phase I (Building Permit)
10833 NE 8th Street

Pacific Regent Phase II (Land Use)
919 109th Ave NE

The Summit Bldg C/Bentall (Building Permit)
320 108th Avenue NE

In review land use & building

Bellevue Square SE Corner Expansion (Land Use Approval)
710 Bellevue Way NE

Washington Sq. Hilton Garden (Land Use Approval)
965 10th Ave NE

Evergreen Plaza Bellevue (Land Use Approval)
10845 NE 2nd Street

Marriott AC Hotel (Building Permit)
10628 NE 2nd Street

AMCUT (Building Permit)
10133 Main Street

Metro 112 Apartments, Phase II
11109 NE 3rd

846 108th Ave NE (Land Use Approval)
846 108th Ave NE

Pipeline activity

Bellevue Plaza
117 106th Ave NE

Habib Properties, LIC
929 109th Ave NE

Bellevue International Plaza
10833 NE 8th Street

10625 Main Street
10625 Main Street

East Link Bellevue Transit Center Station
450 110th Ave NE

Bell Way

17-102nd Avenue
17-102 Ave NE

NE 10th &112th 
11101 NE 11th Street

EROS Properties, LLC
1000 100th Ave NE

Fana CBD Master Development Plan
320 106th Ave NE

For more information about each development project check out the City of Bellevue's Major Projects List.