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Bellevue Beats: Acoustic Cabaret

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Bellevue Beats: Acoustic Cabaret

Cabaret is a style of entertainment that often includes a collection of short performances of music , songs and drama. The style emerged in France during the 19th century, but over time it has traveled across Europe and into the United States. The audience, often dining or drinking, does not typically dance but usually sits at tables.

Acoustic Cabaret is a combination of songs and music genres: unique interpretations of well-known classics recreated. The ensemble, lead by the virtuosic bass/tuba player Oleg Ruvinov, takes the audience on a dazzling musical journey around the world. Their repertoire includes Latin, Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Mediterranean, plus Pop and modern songs. Different singers perform with Acoustic Cabaret each lending their own ambience and charisma, adding variety and always creating a uniquely satisfying Acoustic Cabaret experience.

Anna Vasilevskaya - voc, gut, Yusuf Kilgore -gut, Rich Sikorski - voc. banjo, Oleg Ruvinov - tuba, bass.

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