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BDA Complete & Connected Initiative
Downtown Circulation Report & Bike Bellevue Overview

Committee members will hear from a pair of City presentations including 1) findings from the 2023 Downtown Circulation Report on network gaps and 2) an overview of the Bike Bellevue initiative to implement council-approved bike facilities with designated funds from the Capital Improvement Program plan. This meeting is structured as a learning session for members to develop a shared understanding of the existing conditions and infrastructure plans to support the BDA's Complete & Connected Initiative.   

About BDA's Complete & Connected Initiative
The BDA Transportation Committee is evaluating Downtown's multimodal system to identify network gaps and help prioritize the BDA's focus on future connectivity and access improvements. This initiative will result with an update the BDA's 2019 - 2023 Downtown Access Strategy.

Meeting details:
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
12:00 - 1:00 pm
Microsoft Teams
Access information is shared via email to BDA members who've joined the committee. 

Want to join?

Joining grants members access to BDA Transportation Committee meetings, policy updates, and internal reporting. Contact Matt Jack if you're a BDA member who'd like to join.

Focus Areas

  • Mobility Implementation Plan - Once commonly referred as “Transportation Master Plan”, the MIP is a long-term planning framework that consolidates existing transportation plans to ensure compatibility with land use policies and visions. Policy work on the MIP is expected to span all of 2021 and go into 2022. 
  • Curbside Management - Support efforts to establish a policy framework to organize and manage the increasing demand curb space from different competing uses. The City of Bellevue is working to develop a Curbside Management Plan - work was initiated early in 2022.
  • I-405 South Downtown Access Study - City of Bellevue has partnered with WSDOT to examine opportunities for an access portal on I-405 in South Downtown. Funding will have to come from the State.  
  • Multimodal Network Connectivity - Increasing options relies on balanced, safe and accessible system for all modes. Ongoing work includes supporting opportunities that expands and diversify multimodal connectivity without stressing existing right of way. This recently includes BDA support for the N/S bikeway on 108th Ave NE and E/W bikeway extension on Main St.      
  • I-405 Capacity and Access - Advocating to WSDOT and the Washington legislature for critical investments to advance and complete the I-405 Master Plan. These investments are necessary for Sound Transit's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project plans, a program supported by the BDA.    

Get Involved

Committee members receive regular updates, resource materials, meeting invitations, and opportunities to communicate feedback. To join the committee, please contact Matt Jack, BDA Policy Director