What is a Study Tour?

The study tour is an organized group trip to another destination for the purpose of gathering information that can be helpful to enhancing their home community.   

The BDA organizes an annual delegation of community stakeholders to visit another downtown. Typically a three-day urban excursion, the study tour agenda is designed to expose the delegation to a range experiences that'll help broaden their understanding of other downtown communities.

Experiences Include:     

  • Walking tours  - travel on foot through an urban environment with a wireless headset while a local expert describes the history of the area.

  • Expert lectures - hear community leaders share lessons learned and in-depth information about the community.

  • Experiencing culture - understand and enjoy a new atmospheric lifestyle that's unique to the destination.

  • Networking - develop relationships with business and civic leaders committed to the Downtown Bellevue experience.  

Lessons Learned

  • In-depth look at attractions shaping the downtown experience.
  • Insight on core economic development, transportation and land use issues.
  • Review emerging opportunities and trends.
  • Understand new strategies for shaping downtown livability.
  • Encounter unique marketing practices that define and enhance the downtown profile.

Past Study Tour Destinations

  • (2019) Dallas, Texas
  • (2018) Santa Monica, California
  • (2017) Nashville, Tennessee
  • (2016) San Jose, California
  • (2015) Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • (2014) Austin, Texas
  • (2013) Pasadena, California
  • (2012) Denver, Colorado

The 2020 Study Tour destination has not yet been announced. Interested in attending? We'll be in touch! 

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If you want more information about joining the next study tour delegation, please contact Matt Jack, Policy Manager.