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2024 BDA Study Tour

Destination to be announced  

Details are coming together about the BDA's 2024 Study Tour targeted for October 1 - 4. The destination will be announced in May and registration will open in June.  

What is a Study Tour?

The BDA organizes an annual group of community stakeholders to visit another downtown. Typically a three-day urban excursion, the study tour itinerary is designed to expose the group to a range of experiences that helps broaden their understanding of other downtown communities.

What to look forward to

  • Walking tours guided by local experts.
  • Hear from visionary leaders who are implementing plans, building projects and managing growth.
  • Network and build relationships with fellow delegates committed to strengthening the economic and cultural vitality of Downtown Bellevue.
  • Learn lessons and innovative ideas related to city building that help guide future decision-making in Bellevue.

Lessons attendees come back with

  • In-depth look at attractions shaping the downtown experience.
  • Insight on core economic development, transportation and land use issues.
  • Review emerging opportunities and trends.
  • New strategies for shaping downtown livability.
  • Unique marketing practices that define and enhance a downtown's profile.

Past Study Tour Destinations

  • (2023) San Diego, California
  • (2022) Arlington, Virginia
  • (2019) Dallas, Texas
  • (2018) Santa Monica, California
  • (2017) Nashville, Tennessee
  • (2016) San Jose, California
  • (2015) Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • (2014) Austin, Texas
  • (2013) Pasadena, California
  • (2012) Denver, Colorado

If you want more information about joining the next study tour delegation, please contact Matt Jack, Policy Director.