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Bellevue Beats: Bradford Loomis

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Bellevue Beats: Bradford Loomis

After years of struggling with a multitude of life problems, Bradford threw himself into writing and learning about the music business. Mentors appeared like angels sharing their knowledge and experiences in the music industry. He released his first full-length album before teaming up with another singer/songwriter Beth Whitney to release a pair of award-winning records under the name The Banner Days.

After his father’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s, he found further fuel for the fire. With the tales of his family’s struggles burning fresh in his chest, Bradford released his most vulnerable project Bravery and the Bell. Drawing from the storytelling of Bruce Springsteen, Iron and Wine and Jason Isbell, and pairing it with the soulful delivery of Chris Stapleton, Marc Broussard and Shawn James, Bradford has created a unique style he calls Rhythm & Roots. Grit and melody marry roots and soul.

In his new album Where the Light Ends, Bradford balances that duality with masterful grace. Lyrically, he speaks of the raw reality of the human condition with passion, sharing tales that are shaped by grief and longing colored by wistfulness and regret, but are lifted by enduring hope, humility and love.

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