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BJBF: The Rumba Kings

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Celebrate with us at the 11th Annual Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival!

The Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival celebrates community and the creative power of music. The festival hosts over 40 live shows at various venues across the city. ​We invite the community to explore and share their passion for live jazz and blues at the Eastside's premier showcase for top national and regional artists.

The Rumba Kings perform at Bake's Bar & Bistro* ($31, 21+ Venue).

About the Rumba Kings: 

The Rumba Kings are a Spanish-guitar driven instrumental music duo, hailing from Seattle, Washington who formed in 2015. The band is comprised of George Stevens (guitar, bouzouki) and Johnny Bacolas (producer, bass, bouzouki, guitar).  Accompaniment members are Teddy Adams (guitar), Tor Dietrichson (percussion), and Andrey Zasypkin (drums).