2021 Artists

See below for participating artists and their locations at the 2021 Arts Market.
Read local profiles in our he(ART) of Bellevue blog series.

2021 Market Map

Raul Carranza
Bothell, WA
Booth C3-4
Amanda Paul
Everett, WA
Booth B33-34
Alison Morse
Woodinville, WA
Booth B12
Alyson McCrink
Seattle, WA
Booth B9
Apple Cox
Vashon, WA
Booth A4
Peggy Foy
Seattle, WA
Booth B29
Laura Koppes
Tigard, OR
Booth C24
Noelle Dass
Spokane, WA
Booth C2
Ashmita Gulati
Bellevue, WA
Booth C19-20
Calin Garcia
Bothell, WA
Booth C49
Cherie Keese
Friday Harbor, WA
Booth C22
Catherine Stemper
Portland, OR
Booth C16
Brianna Luce
Portland, OR
Booth B5
Tim Potter
Langley, WA
Booth A1
brendan fuller
Redmond, WA
Booth A9
Paulina Kriebel
Forest Grove, OR
Booth B24
Jan Byrkit
Mosier, OR
Booth D10
Dayne Lopez
Oak Harbor, WA
Booth C21
Maile Sand
Portland, OR
Booth D9
Stephanie Hunter
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Booth D11
Scott Schoenick
Shoreline, WA
Booth B21
Melissa Metzler
Tacoma, WA
Booth C52
Bryan Parks
Eugene, OR
Booth C12
Glynn Powell
Seattle, WA
Booth A7
Claudette Moe
Longview, WA
Booth B4
Craig Goodwin
Spokane, WA
Booth A8
Steve Knox
Montezuma, NM
Booth C33
Dina Ayoub
Redmond, WA
Booth D3
Diane Harris
Renton, WA
Booth A10
Michelle Curtis
Brookings, OR
Booth A11-12
Mexican Food
Natalie Sifferman
Kirkland, WA
Booth C38-39
Angela Ehrig
Seattle, WA
Booth A3
Sandy Dahlberg
Edmonds, WA
Booth D5
Paula Chang
Rio Vista, CA
Booth C47
Shobika Sekar
Redmond, WA
Booth B14
Alison Thilo
Hobart, WA
Booth B15
Harut's Studio
Harut Hakobyan
Granada Hills, CA
Booth D8
Lisa Katz
Spokane, WA
Booth C2
Camille Sugrue
Mill Creek, WA
Booth C36
Southern BBQ
Ian Ely
La Jolla, CA
Booth C26
Jack Ferrell Tile & Design
Jack & AJ Ferrell
Anacortes, WA
Booth D1
Jesse Kelly
Edmonds, WA
Booth C15
Caramia Justian
Issaquah, WA
Booth C46
Viki Ciesiul
Portland, OR
Booth D7
Lani Ong
Normandy, WA
Booth B8
Joachim Mcmillan
Beaverton, OR
Booth C27
Carrie Redfern
Ashland, OR
Booth A14
Judee Moonbeam
Portland, OR
Booth B3
Judy Brandon
Simi Valley, CA
Booth C13
June Blout
Portland, OR
Booth B22
Kali Basi
Yelm, WA
Booth B11
Laura Reynolds
Sammamish, WA
Booth A17
Ketzia Schoneberg
Portland, OR
Booth B28
Kris Sproul
Tumwater, WA
Booth C42-43
Lainey Everly
Eugene, OR
Booth B30
Donna Lark
Redmond, WA
Booth C14
Laura Robson
La Pine, OR
Booth B23
Laura Teague
Baton Rouge, LA
Booth A16
Arlyne Julao
Mariposa, CA
Booth A2
Lewis Field Service
Anne Lewis
Stanwood, WA
Booth B25
Michelle Lierre
Mount Vernon, WA
Booth B6
Abhisar Gupta
Vancouver, WA
Booth B1-2
Linda McClamrock
Seattle, WA
Booth C48
Lisa Robinson
Seaside, OR
Booth C50
Lyle Ang
Mill City, OR
Booth B19
Maija Malinen
Bothell, WA
Booth C44
Margarita Castillo-Bernard
Tigard, OR
Booth C5
Mark Thomas
Walla Walla, WA
Booth B27
Mary's Inklings
Mary DeLay-Goodstein
Camas, WA
Booth C18
Maria Winner
Salem, OR
Booth C25
Michelle Wedel
Redmond, WA
Booth C37
Megan Kilen
Tacoma, WA
Booth B31
Metal Art
Dennis Cant
Everett, WA
Booth D4
Michael Howard
Albany, OR
Booth B37
Stacey Mairs
Portland, OR
Booth D2
Monika Wysocki
Lynnwood, WA
Booth B32
Morgan Fyfe
Seattle, WA
Booth C45
Bruce Morgan
Kent, WA
Booth C6
Linda Domnick
Everett, WA
Booth C17
Megan White
Silverton, OR
Booth A15
Angie Cooper
Mountlake Terrace, WA
Booth A14
Paul Nzalamba
Los Angeles, CA
Booth C6-7
Stan O'neil
Camano Island, WA
Booth C23
Keith Neissel
Olympia, WA
Booth B20
Paperwings Studio
Bruce Allison
Vancouver, WA
Booth B16
Debbie Beem
Marysville, WA
Booth C41
Ann Anderson
Issaquah, WA
Tom Saknit
Bothell, WA
Booth B13
Heidi Marsh
Mukilteo, WA
Booth B36
Nic Rex
Stevensville, MT
Booth B26
Robert Tilley
Bellevue, WA
Booth C1
Scott Cordner
Sisters, OR
Booth B17-18
Korean BBQ
Shamila Jiwa
Seattle, WA
Booth C9
Shelly Corbett
Seattle, WA
Booth C31
Dale Reiger
Coupeville, WA
Booth C29
Sibbett Studio
Peter Sibbett
Tacoma, WA
Booth C40
Ruly Deen
Spokane, WA
Booth C11
Donna Yutzy
Eugene, OR
Booth C28
Mariusz Rynkiewicz
Everett, WA
Booth C34
Susie Larsson
Everett, WA
Booth B35
Tacana Designs
Veronica Sandoval
Tucson, AZ
Booth B38
Tai Vautier
Portland, OR
Booth C51
Liane Crigler
Portland, OR
Booth A6
Lori Kirsch
Phoenix, AZ
Booth C30
Tori King
Mount Vernon, WA
Booth C32
Tree Hanko-Mcabe
Eugene, OR
Booth A5
Michael Paul
Portland, OR
Booth B7
Kim Rutledge
Bellingham, WA
Booth C10
Ula Nero
Mukilteo, WA
Booth C35
Nicholas Vicknair
Bend, OR
Booth B39-40
VS Quality
Vitalii Savchuk
Covington, WA
Booth B10
Roxy Schultz
Portland, OR
Booth D6
Angie Heinrich
Seattle, WA
Booth A13