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2022 Artists

See below for participating artists and their locations at the 2022Arts Market.
Read local profiles in our he(ART) of Bellevue blog series.

Raul Carranza
Bothell, WA
Booth C4-5
Vivien Wan
Kenmore, WA
Booth C19
Alison Morse
Woodinville, WA
Booth D12
Amanda Long
Bothell, WA
Booth C7
Jessica Wilde Suendermann
Lakewood, WA
Booth D6
Anastasia English
Kent, WA
Booth D13
Andrea Lewicki
Duvall, WA
Booth D30
Aphrodite's Treasures
Emma Bennett
Eugene, OR
Booth C18
Apple Cox
Vashon, WA
Booth A4
Peggy Foy
Seattle, WA
Booth D29
Ukelele Artist
Sunday, 10:30 AM
Dakota Nielsen
Bellevue, WA
Booth D35
Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk
Kirkland, WA
Booth D10
Lisa Robinson
Seaside, OR
Booth A16
Angela Dallas
Modesto, CA
Booth C22
Marykate Pennington
Redmond, WA
Booth D36-37
Ashley Heitzman
Portland, OR
Booth A6
Tim Potter
Langley, WA
Booth A1
Botanical Wire
Cynthia Schatz
Everett, WA
Booth D4
Classical Guitarist
Saturday, 10:30 AM
Bass Soloist
Saturday, 12:30 PM
Jan Byrkit
Mosier, OR
Booth B2
Dayne Lopez
Oak Harbor, WA
Booth C29
Stephanie Hunter
Rathdrum, ID
Booth B1
Caramia Justian
Issaquah, WA
Booth C47
Christine Hartsock
Santa Ynez, CA
Booth C13
Cyndi Brown
Edmonds, WA
Booth A14
Betty Walberg
Beaverton, OR
Booth D5
Alisa Tran
Redmond, OR
Booth D36
Dina Ayoub
Redmond, WA
Booth B3
Diane Harris
Renton, WA
Booth A10
Stacey Silber
Vancouver, WA
Booth D20
Rachel Morris
Portland, OR
Booth C44
Natalie Sifferman
Kirkland, WA
Booth C41-42
Erskine Wood
Vancouver, WA
Booth C45-46
Sandy Dahlberg
Edmonds, WA
Booth B7
Candi Baranski
Tucson, AZ
Booth C24
Paula Chang
Rio Vista, CA
Booth C49
Don Antram
Roseville, CA
Booth A5
Andrea Wolf
Issaquah, WA
Booth C36
Fisher Woodworking
Geoff Fisher
Ferndale, WA
Booth A11
Egyptian Music
Saturday, 2:30 PM
Sunday, 2:30 PM
Hailey Lindsay Art
Hailey Lindsay
Lake Stevens, WA
Booth B6
Robin Shirey
Lynnwood, WA
Booth D14
Lisa Katz
Spokane, WA
Booth C55
Camille Sugrue
Mill Creek, WA
Booth C38
Southern BBQ
Ian Brandeberry
Seattle, WA
Booth D28
Jay Gordon
Ashland, OR
Booth D27
Jesse Kelly
Edmonds, WA
Booth C15
Viki Ciesiul
Portland, OR
Booth B5
Kelly Morgen
San Rafael, CA
Booth B9
Veronica Sandoval
Tucson, AZ
Booth A7
Kris Sproul
Tumwater, WA
Booth C16-17
Lauren Jorelle
Mukilteo, WA
Booth A15
Donna Lark
Redmond, WA
Booth C14
Laura Robson
La Pine, OR
Booth D23
Leanne Streit
Leanne Streit
Portland, OR
Booth D26
Arlyne Julao
Mariposa, CA
Booth A9
Linda McClamrock
Seattle, WA
Booth C52
Lyle Ang
Mill City, OR
Booth D19
Ian Petersen
Eugene, OR
Booth C25
Hunter Patterson
Seattle, WA
Booth D8
Margarita Castillo-Bernard
Tigard, OR
Booth C3
Mark Thomas
Walla Walla, WA
Booth D1-2
Marijo Martini
Bellingham, WA
Booth D34
Matthew McClosky
Seattle, WA
Booth C20
Phil McCrain
Kirkland, WA
Booth D11
Megan Kilen
Tacoma, WA
Booth C30
Metal Art
Dennis Cant
Everett, WA
Booth B8
Amy Buettner
Portland, OR
Booth C26
Michael Kenney
Vashon, WA
Booth C26
Monika Wysocki
Lynnwood, WA
Booth D32
Jen Storey
Snohomish, WA
Booth D31
Morgan Fyfe
Seattle, WA
Booth C35
Bruce Morgan
Kent, WA
Booth C8
Mountain Maiden Co.
Cora Carroll
Deadwood, SD
Booth A13
Linda Domnick
Everett, WA
Booth C31
Megan White
Silverton, OR
Booth C40
Molly Whitaker
Newcastle, WA
Booth D21
Latin, Jazz, Flamenco
Saturday, 4:30 PM
Page Gehrke
Suquamish, WA
Booth D22
Paperwings Studio
Bruce Allison
Vancouver, WA
Booth D15
Debbie Beem
Marysville, WA
Booth C21
Juana Pena
Albany, OR
Booth C27-28
Ann Anderson
Issaquah, WA
Booth A3
Kim Williams
La Habra Heights, CA
Booth C51
Rachael Gallagher
Tacoma, WA
Booth B4
Ravinder Bajwa
Redmond, WA
Booth A12
Tom Saknit
Bothell, WA
Booth D3
Hot Dogs
Robert Tilley
Bellevue, WA
Booth C1
Marina San Miguel
Redmond, WA
Booth D33
Sandy Tweed
Port Townsend, WA
Booth C39
Elisa Saucy
Monroe, OR
Booth C6
Scott Cordner
Sisters, OR
Booth D17-18
Korean BBQ
Shamila Jiwa
Seattle, WA
Booth C2
Shelly Corbett
Seattle, WA
Booth C12
Tyler Shogren
Bellevue, WA
Booth D16
Sibbett Studio
Peter Sibbett
Tacoma, WA
Booth C43
Aimee Huynh
Tacoma, WA
Booth D25
Donna Yutzy
Eugene, OR
Booth C9
Casey Bridges
Grass Valley, CA
Booth C56
Veronica Sandoval
Tucson, AZ
Booth A8
Tai Vautier
Portland, OR
Booth A2
Liane Crigler
Portland, OR
Booth C53
Teresa White
Bothell, WA
Booth C48
Jason Nelson
Spring Valley, CA
Booth D24
Nicole Turner
Tacoma, WA
Booth C34
Lori Kirsch
Phoenix, AZ
Booth C32
Tori King
Mount Vernon, WA
Booth C33
12-String Guitarist
Sunday, 12:30 PM
Michael Paul
Portland, OR
Booth D7
Kim Rutledge
Bellingham, WA
Booth C10-11
Ula Nero
Mukilteo, WA
Booth C37
Uli Kirchler
Cornelius, OR
Booth C23
Nicholas Vicknair
Bend, OR
Booth D39-40
Roxy Schultz
Portland, OR
Booth A17
Yuri's Design
Saul Yurivilca
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Booth D38
Shelley Fletcher
Mercer Island, WA
Booth C54