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Coffeholic House

Category Coffee & Tea

10000 Main Main St Ste 103
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Coffeeholic House is a startup shop founded by passionate people who wants to establish a new coffee trend in Seattle. Their mission is to help save the environment while doing what they love and serve beautiful cups of coffee.

Have you ever had a problem looking for that perfect coffee drink that is creamy, balance and bold that you could actually taste the coffee? And couldn’t stop yourself from drinking it? Then you are in luck! 

They mainly serve their own creations like Coffeeholic Dream, Coconut coffee, Bac Siu and White-hazel latte. And most importantly, the authentic Vietnamese coffee, using Organic Robusta beans from Vietnam and brew with the traditional phin-dripped methods. The flavors profile they are trying to bring are nutty, rich, thick body and caramelly. Not high-acidic or sour. 

Coffeeholic House aims to bring a new wind to Seattle’s coffee community and make it more diverse, exclusive and interesting. This will be something you have never heard or experienced before! 

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