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Calling all boba lovers! 6 of the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Bellevue

February 11, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Calling all boba lovers!
6 of the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Bellevue

The classic Taiwanese drink has caused a universal craze with its stunning colors, delicious taste and exciting combinations. Get your bubble tea fix at these must-try spots in Downtown Bellevue, each offering something different.


Happy Lemon

What makes Happy Lemon special is the care they put into their drinks, using locally-sourced fruits that deliver a range of yummy flavors. Choose from fresh lemon green teas, fruit teas, classic milk teas, and more. Pair your drink with their famous bubble waffle or a delicious Korean corndog that will leave you - as they're called - happy!


Mi Tea

Since opening in 2016 in a highly saturated bubble tea market, Mi Tea has been doing things different. Incredibly unique and worth a try, they offer a special high-quality tea drink with a rich Himalayan cheese foam topping. We recommend stopping in for their newest drink on the menu, Grape Slush with cheese cover.


Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea began when the founder’s grandmother gave over-ripened pineapples a new purpose. She turned them into a delicious homemade pineapple jam she mixed with tea. Their signature Yifang Fruit Tea is the original drink that sparked the creation of this bubble tea place.


TRA Tea & Juice Bar

You can expect extraordinary bubble tea at Tra Tea & Juice bar, where they serve fresh and tasty drinks in fun cups. Everything is brewed from regular tea and cold pressed juice to delicious Vietnamese coffee. Try it out in one of their unique robot-shaped cups.



Sharetea's drinks are created from high quality tea leaves shipped directly from Taiwan. They test the leaves each growing season to ensure the quality and taste is up to par. Choose from a variety of drinks, including their tasty mojito series made with mango, peach and strawberry flavors.



Combining bubble tea and dessert, Blackbird lets its ingredients shine in every sip and bite. Their colorful bubble tea draws you in, like the Shake Shake Thai Green Tea. It pairs perfectly with their well-known mille crepe cakes, in flavors like green tea, matcha and Oreo. 



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