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Adrian's Restaurant & Tequila Bar Brings Traditional Mexican Dishes to Bellevue

November 14, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Adrian's Restaurant & Tequila Bar Brings Traditional Mexican Dishes to Bellevue

Owner Adrian Lopez and his brother, Luis

The idea of opening a business didn’t come suddenly. Owner Adrian Lopez had dreamed about it ever since he was a kid in Mexico watching his father cook in the kitchen. He recalls the smell of traditional Mexican dishes and ingredients dancing around his home.

These memories ignited his passion for food. Twenty-five years after moving to the United States, he had realized a dream of opening Adrian’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar in homage to the same dishes he grew up with. Working in the restaurant business comes with risk, and Lopez is what he calls an “opportunist” – something he learned to be throughout his 30+ years of being in the industry.

“It took me a long time to realize that opportunities don’t wait for us, we either pass it up and wait another 30 years, or we accept the challenge and do whatever it takes to succeed,” Lopez said. “With the help of friends and family, I put in months of work and renovation into building this restaurant because when you really love what you do, you put your whole heart and soul into it.”

Pulpo Adobado, a traditional Mexican dish made of grilled octopus, potatoes and balsamic reduction

Adrian’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar in Downtown Bellevue changes the narrative of what traditional Mexican dishes look like inside an elevated, fine dining atmosphere. The white tablecloths, remodeled flooring, and sophisticated bar are alluring for some, but for Lopez, the combination of flavorful dishes and phenomenal service is what makes them memorable.

“I felt like there was a need for more Mexican restaurants that wasn’t just burritos and chimichangas,” Lopez said. “Opening Adrian’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar was my way of showing people that traditional Mexican food is elegant, beautiful, and varietal while providing service that exceeds guests’ expectations.”

Adrian's Restaurant & Tequila Bar's interior

Lopez’s clear vision for his restaurant comes from his experience of working at 10 different fine dining establishments across Washington. Throughout his years in the industry, Lopez said one important lesson he learned is never to stop innovating.

“I’ve seen restaurants accomplish great things and eventually get comfortable with how things are. That isn’t my business model,” Lopes said. “Success to me means always producing new dishes and finding ways to be better for our guests.”

With excitement, Lopez states he’s proud to showcase Mexican culture to the community and welcomes all to discover unique flavors of traditional Mexican dishes. You can make a reservations on their website!  


Adrian’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar
10145 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004

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