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Behind Tempo's Affordable Hi-Tech Fitness Device in Downtown Bellevue

August 8, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Behind Tempo's New Affordable Hi-Tech Fitness Device in Downtown Bellevue

Over the last few decades, technology has dramatically changed lives and industries worldwide – especially during the height of the pandemic. The need for interactions created a multitude of digital aids, including Zoom video calls, telehealth, enhanced online shopping, QR code menus, and more. During a time when virtual experiences and connections became so vital, fitness retailer Tempo utilized technology to change the way we work out at home.

Tempo Move demonstrated

Founded by Moawia Eldeeb and Josh Augustin, Tempo was created to give everyone a chance at an active, full life. When gyms became inaccessible during the peak of COVID-19, many tried to seek out an alternative way to stay fit but were met with $2000 bikes and $600 treadmills. That’s when they created Tempo Move, an affordable at-home personal training solution and home gym designed to deliver results through AI-powered personal guidance, real-time form feedback, and custom training plans.

"Simply put, the fitness industry is broken. It continues to promise people that they are one piece of equipment away from their fitness goals, but what they’re really missing is a trainer -- someone who will guide them, teach them, and keep them on track," said Eldeeb. Tempo uses AI to make personal training accessible to everyone, and with the Move, we’re taking a massive step towards that goal.”

After Tempo’s rise in popularity during the pandemic, they’ve expanded from their online store to two brick-and-mortar locations, including New York City and Downtown Bellevue. Hannah Noble, store and retail operations manager at Tempo in Bellevue, said the community is what brought them here.

“Besides the exponential growth happening here, we chose to move to Bellevue because of the close-knit community,” Noble said. “This city has one of the most diverse fitness groups around. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how Tempo can make a difference here.”

Since opening, the Bellevue Tempo team has continued to message inclusivity, from the moment someone walks into the store down to the hiring process. Noble said it was important to her that the team at the Bellevue location showed diversity and reflected the community well.

“We don’t want Tempo to be all about status or feel like a scary place,” Noble said. “It’s about making people feel welcomed and know that Tempo is a place for everyone – regardless of how much you make or what you look like.”

Past fitness classes by Tempo

Noble said she joined the business because she believes that health and fitness should be accessible to all. Leading up to now, the Bellevue Tempo team has hosted two community-driven fitness events focused on giving people a chance to experience the benefits of working out free of cost. They plan to do more in the future.  

“Eldeeb’s vision from the very beginning was to create affordable fitness training for all because of his experience living in a homeless shelter when he was 12,” Noble said. “When he became a personal trainer at the local YMCA in New York, he began to see how working out can build confidence and discipline. Eldeeb thought to himself, everyone should have the opportunity to feel this way.”

To learn more about Tempo Move, visit their shop inside The Bellevue Collection or head to their website for more information.