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Bellevue Beats: Adrian Xavier

July 22, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Bellevue Beats: Adrian Xavier


With 3 solo albums and nearly 20 album collaborations, Adrian Xavier has established himself as a performer of depth and dimension. His original reggae music unites a positive energy with socially conscious lyrics, striving to inspire people from all walks of life with universal messages of peace and community.

From the start of his journey, Adrian Xavier has been influenced by a diverse spectrum of genres and styles. Growing up in Seattle, he has always had a strong connection to the city's music, art and cultural heritage. He has performed and recorded with original members of Heart, Clinton Fearon, Macklemore among many other legends who call Seattle home. These many experiences have played a substantial part in shaping him as an artist. Meeting or performing with legends like Ras Michael, John Trudel, Quincy Jones and Joe Higgs have been instrumental in guiding his career as a musician. 

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