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Bellevue Beats: Warren Dunes

August 11, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Bellevue Beats: Warren Dunes


Gold pants, red hair, and a Kevin Durant jersey are the first things that catch your eye at a Warren Dunes show.

Drawn together by a shared love of live performance, Julia Massey and brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese decided to form a true family band. The name came easily; “Warren Dunes [State Park in Southwest Michigan] is the place where we first really experienced wonder and raw inspiration” explains Dominic. 

That sense of contagious joy and musical fantasy pervade the music Julia, Jared, and Dominic craft as Warren Dunes. From recording in the studio to jamming on stage, their synergy and celebration of music can be heard through each note and vibe.

A cohesive statement, unique yet instantly recognizable, "Welcome to Warren Dunes" slides seamlessly from delicate post-punk explorations to anthemic, sing-along pop built on a foundation of arena-worthy choruses. Self-assured yet free of bombast, "Welcome to Warren Dunes" is an art-pop dreamscape of unapologetic fun.    

Based on the belief that we can all be #smallbutmighty, Warren Dunes donates proceeds from live performances to a variety of charitable organizations. For more information, please visit our Beneficiaries page.

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