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Bellevue's Grand Connection: From Vision to Reality

April 27, 2021 - by Kensey Wentworth

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Bellevue's Grand Connection:
From Vision to Reality

A 2-Part Conversation Exploring the Future of Downtown's Walkable Corridor

Bellevue’s Grand Connection will link people to places through the heart of Bellevue, from Meydenbauer Bay Park to Wilburton and Eastrail, with an I-405 crossing.

The Grand Connection is more than a pedestrian pathway. It is guiding future development and pedestrian-scale uses in two major Downtown Bellevue growth areas. Residents, visitors and Downtown employees will enjoy new retail, restaurants and attractions, supported by public parks, open spaces, amenities and events - all bringing Downtown Bellevue to life more than ever before.

In the following Downtown Talks 2-part conversation, we cover the history, explain what’s next, and go in-depth on Amazon’s two-phase Bellevue 600 project, one of the major investments shaping the Grand Connection and Downtown’s future. You’ll learn how planning and partnerships brought the project to life from Mac Cummins, the City of Bellevue’s Community Development lead. And you'll get an inside look at Amazon’s investment in the Grand Connection with John Schoettler, the company’s Global Vice President of Real Estate & Facilities.

Conversation #1:
How Planning & Partnerships Bring the Grand Connection to Life

Guest Speaker:

Mac Cummins  |  Director of Community Development, City of Bellevue

Over the course of his career, Mac Cummins has overseen the administration of city redevelopment, zoning and planning. He employs his expertise in economic development and management to lead the City of Bellevue’s Planning and Community Development divisions, championing a long-range vision for Bellevue’s future. Before making it to Bellevue, Mack worked for the cities of Westminster, CO and Scottsdale, AZ. 

Conversation #2:
How Amazon's Investment Shapes the Grand Connection's Future

Guest Speaker:

John Schoettler  |  VP Global Real Estate & Facilities, Amazon

John Schoettler is Vice President of Amazon’s Global Real Estate and Facilities (GREF) team.  GREF’s mission is to provide a secure, sustainable and efficient work environment to accommodate growth and enable Amazon employees to innovate and delight customers. Over the past 20 years, John’s team has overseen Amazon’s corporate real estate portfolio expand from 1MM square feet to more than 40MM across more than 50 countries.  


Patrick Bannon  |  President, Bellevue Downtown Association



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