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Exploring Global Flavors: 13 Soup Destinations in Downtown Bellevue

April 12, 2024 - by Mackenzie Ault

Exploring Global Flavors: 13 Soup Destinations in Downtown Bellevue

With a few chilly days still on the horizon, nothing feels more comforting than a hot bowl of soup. We invite you to explore global flavors within the restaurant scene in Downtown Bellevue. Discover new soups from different cultures and warm up your day with each delicious spoonful. 



Hokkaido Ramen Santouka: Tonkotsu Shouyu Ramen

Known for its authentic Japanese cuisine, Ginza has been serving the Bellevue community for over 20 years. Their menu features four different types of ramen that are sure to get your mouth watering. Give their miso ramen a try, made with BBQ pork, a soft-boiled egg, and vegetables in a delicious miso broth.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

At Hokkaido, they pride themselves on their tonkotsu soup base. Made with love by simmering pork bones for 20 hours and using high-quality ingredients to develop its signature umami flavor. Even with their extensive menu customers swear by the tonkotsu shouyu ramen, featuring a savory and silky broth with a hint of bonito dashi that pairs perfectly with the flavor of braised pork.


Pho Cyclo Café

                 Pho Cyclo Cafe: Pho Tai Nam

Conveniently located around the corner from the transit center, Pho Cyclo Café is the perfect place to grab a bowl of pho during the lunch break. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, their Pho features a steamy beef broth with an array of seasonings topped with your meat of choice. Give Pho Tai Nam a try, featuring their signature broth and noodles with rare and flank steak to top it off.

What the Pho!

After developing their signature broth for over 12 hours, they are left with a tasty master piece. From lots of meat to vegetarian options, What the Pho! offers something for every pho lover to enjoy. The go-to customer order is the pho steak and brisket, featuring their savory beef broth, noodles, brisket, and eye-round steak.


Cielo Cocina Mexicana:

Cactus: New Mexico Green Chile Soup

Cielo Cocina Mexicana is a family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant who enjoys sharing their own family recipes with the Downtown Bellevue community. In addition to their other delicious menu items, they offer a handful of homemade soups. They have their classic tortilla soup with all of the fixin’s and the option to have shredded or grilled chicken on top.


Beyond their crafty cocktails, Cactus' menu offers a wonderful selection of soups with a rotating seasonal option. The fan-favorite is the New Mexico green chile soup made with hatch green chiles, tomatoes, buttermilk crema, cilantro, and their fresh homemade corn masa sopes.

Adrian’s Restaurant + Tequila Bar

Located in Old Belleve, Adrian’s is the perfect place If you’re looking for a lighter fare to pair with your tequila of choice. We recommend the sopa Azteca featuring a mild tomato broth, fried tortilla strips, panela cheese, avocado and sour cream.


Lao Ma Tou Hotpot

Lao Ma Tou Hotpot: Tomato and House Spicy Broth

Lao Ma Tou Hotpot offers an immersive culinary journey where you can indulge in a rich array of flavors and ingredients. From the moment you step in, the vibrant atmosphere and the sizzle of broth on the tabletop stoves captivate your senses, inviting you to customize your own hotpot experience with a diverse selection of meats, seafood, and vegetables.

Haidilao Hot Pot Bellevue

At Haidilao Hotpot Bellevue, it's all about enjoying good food. Step in and soak up the cozy atmosphere as you dig into their famous "dancing noodles" and savor the mouthwatering Haidilao special marinated beef tenderloin. Enjoy the freedom to mix and match your broth choice with their fresh ingredients. Don't forget to try out their specially curated dipping sauces!


Fern Thai on Main

Fern Thai on Main: Tom Zap

Embark on a flavorful journey at Fern Thai On Main with their exquisite Thai soups. Dive into the comforting Wonton Soup, packed with ground pork and prawns stuffed wontons in a fragrant clear broth. Not a fan of wontons? Take your taste buds on a journey with the Tom Zap, a hot and sour stew featuring tender Pork Ribs.

Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper

Since 1981, Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper has been a pioneer in the region's Thai culinary scene, introducing indulgent flavors and culture to the Pacific Northwest. Take a chance on their signature Tom Yum soup, featuring prawns, mushrooms, and vibrant herbs in a tangy broth that's a true standout. The coconut-infused Tom Kah soup with chicken and mushrooms is another must-try, embodying the restaurant's dedication to authentic Thai cuisine and family tradition.


City Soups 

Gilbert's on Main: Matzo Ball Soup

Located in Key Center, City Soups offers a grab-and-go experience that's all about quality and flavor. With homemade recipes and a rotating menu of exciting flavors, every visit is a new taste adventure. Get ready to enjoy comfort in a cup, where flavor meets convenience in the heart of downtown Bellevue.

Gilbert’s on Main

For 26 years, Gilbert's On Main has been the go-to spot in Bellevue for anyone craving an authentic deli experience, but their soups provide a standout flavor experience. Every day, they serve up a variety of homemade soups, each accompanied by slices of Grand Central Bakery Ciabatta bread perfect for dunking. Among their delicious soups, the famous matzo ball soup is a must-try.

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