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Float Seattle's Method to Relaxation

May 3, 2024 - by Sandy Vo

Ride2Downtown Spotlight: 
Float Seattle's Method to Relaxation

The 2 line’s arrival in Downtown Bellevue means an easier connection to your favorite businesses and an opportunity to discover new ones.

Just a few blocks away from the Bellevue Downtown Station lies Float Seattle, an establishment specializing in float therapy – a non-pharmaceutical option to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Owner Andrew Loppnow said as a business owner, the 2 Line and any other additional modes of transportation is greatly appreciated. From now through May 4, you can get a 2-for-$89 deal as part of our Ride2Downtown campaign.

“The opening of the 2 Line on the Eastside greatly enhances accessibility to our services,” Loppnow said. “It enables more people to discover and engage with floatation therapy, helping us reach a broader audience.”

Floating involved lying in 10” of skin temperature water saturated with 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt. Sensory input is reduced to a minimum – no light or sound – relaxing the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system. Benefits include stress/anxiety relief, pain management, improved sleep, creativity boost, and more.

Loppnow said it was ‘love at first float’ when he first discovered the great benefits of float therapy at their original Greenlake location in 2013. Six years later, he acquired the business from the founders alongside Co-owner Dean Parris. While the ownership shifted, the mission remained the same: to promote wellness and mindfulness through float therapy and complementary modalities.

“We’ll always be a place that provides tranquil retreat from the daily stresses of life – it’s that simple,” Loppnow said.

Despite being around since the 1960s, he said running a float center still involves plenty of education about what floating is and its benefits. Float Seattle has begun forming more partnerships with businesses and organizations to spread the benefits of floating. One of their bigger endeavors includes collaborating with Foat Research Collective, a non-profit organization aimed at educating the public and raising funds for new research about the use of float therapy for stress and pain relief. Loppnow is confident that floating will be recognized as a medically viable treatment for main ailments and condition.

“One of the biggest challenges is just getting someone in the tank for the first time,” he said. “People have to experience the profound relaxation to see the true benefits of what float therapy can offer.”

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