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New Year, New Look, & New Mind: Downtown Bellevue's Best Places for Self-Care

January 9, 2024 - by Mackenzie Ault

Between work and personal life, finding a moment to yourself can be challenging. This year, put your trust in Downtown Bellevue to help you prioritize self-care! For those seeking inspiration on their personal well-being journey, here are seven places to get you a new look and mind for 2024.

Joe Bae Salon

Voted "Best Salon in Bellevue" in 2019 and 2020, Joe Bae Salon is certified to help you get the look you want. With the mantra "Do Good Hair, Be Good People," the salon invites you to embrace a new look for the new year. The stylists actively engage in continuous education to stay updated on the latest styles, ensuring clients receive personalized and current services. Joe Bae Salon is the perfect destination to start the new year with a transformed and fabulous look.

Em Salon & Spa 

Em Salon & Spa stands out as a premier destination for a diverse range of nail services, specializing in nail art designs, dip gel, and acrylics. The salon's skilled professionals are dedicated to providing a welcoming and relaxing environment.  They're confident that every visitor will leave feeling their absolute best, whether they desire intricate nail art or rejuvenating waxing sessions.

Vanity Pham Salon

If you are looking for more permanent options for your makeup routine, check out Vanity Pham Salon. With over 15 years of experience, Vanity Pham Salon is known for its eyelash extensions, gentle threading, and permanent eyebrows. Vanity Pham stands as a symbol of excellence in beauty services. The skilled stylists, each with decades of experience, seamlessly blend technical proficiency with a genuine appreciation for the client/stylist relationship. Experience personalized care and embrace a fresh, rejuvenated look for the new year at Vanity Pham.

Truce Spa

TRUCE Spa is dedicated to providing a truly relaxing space where you can "retreat, reset, and relax." TRUCE Spa specializes in massages, customized facials, and spa rituals. Grounded in the belief that more happiness and peace bring greater joy, TRUCE Spa seamlessly blends ancient traditions with advanced techniques for a revitalizing experience. Take a moment for yourself and escape to peace at TRUCE Spa.

Studio Wax

Studio Wax in Downtown Bellevue stands out as the go-to destination for Bellevue's Best Brows. Their specialties include Brow Design, Body Waxing, Hydrafacial, and Dermaplaning. The studio has a curated selection of top-notch skincare products that can help with any skin care needs. With a skilled team of estheticians dedicated to brow care, waxing, and skincare needs, the studio takes pride in building lasting relationships with long-time clients and looks forward to creating new connections with those seeking excellence in beauty services.


If you are looking for a different way to relaxing while incorporating a little exercise, try out the Yin + Meditation classes at TruFusion. They are specifically designed to relax and revitalize the body, mind, and soul. Yin yoga targets deep connective tissues, enhancing flexibility and joint lubrication. To enhance your experience, the healing sounds of the singing bowl guide you through a meditation journey, taking you deeper into self-discovery and inner peace.

City Sweats

City Sweats is known for its variety of detox options, including sauna wrap, lymphatic drainage, organic facials, and therapeutic massages. Try out the sauna to embrace the ancient art of sweating for circulatory revitalization and lymphatic stimulation, City Sweats provides access to an in-house consultant for guidance on holistic wellness.


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