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Person Behind The Place: Juliya Kozlova

November 1, 2023 - by Sandy Vo

Juliya Kozlova, Director of Sales

Person Behind The Place:
Juliya Kozlova

Director of Sales | The Bellettini

Juliya Kozlova spends five out of the seven days in the week with 170 residents at The Bellettini, Downtown Bellevue’s upscale retirement home located at the corner of NE 12th St and 108th Ave. As the director of sales, her job involves showcasing the lifestyle that The Bellettini has to offer. Condo living but for seniors, with added support of valet, two restaurants in your lobby, weekly housekeeping and much more. But when it comes down to why she chose to spend over a decade in the senior living industry, it’s all about the connections she has made with residents, family members, and staff.

Kozlova describes her work as incredibly rewarding. Read on to learn more about her role at The Bellettini, the issues that arise in the senior living industry and her favorite places around Downtown Bellevue.

What makes The Bellettini stand out from other senior living commmunities in the area?

There are so many factors… The Bellettini is known for its upscale suites, amenities, quality of care, and a range of services tailored to seniors. But our strength comes from our residents and staff members. Taking care of our residents is at the forefront of what we do. We can say that we have an excellent in-house restaurant and great activities, but our strength comes from our people. For example, our head executive chef has been here since 2008 and year after year, he provides phenomenal food that our residents love. The people we hire care about our mission and want to offer the best of themselves. 

In your 10-plus years of working in the senior living industry, what key issues have you seen come up within the senior living industry?

Cost is always the biggest thing. There’s a huge population of seniors who don’t have finances to be in a community setting like this. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve seen so many other senior living communities shut down – especially the ones that typically house lower income seniors. The solution can be complicated, but it comes down to the government stepping up and developing more affordable senior housing.

What part of your job helps you get up in the morning?

One of the biggest parts of my job – and what I love to do the most – is building relationships and connecting with people. Getting to know my perspective residents is the main part of my job; knowing their history, where they’ve worked, and what they’ve lived through. Being curious about their life, these connections that I get to develop is truly my favorite part of the job. Developing this relationship with folks helps me alleviate the fear and anxiety that comes with moving into a senior living community. With this trust, I’m able to paint the picture of what life would be like at The Bellettini. We offer educational lectures, outings to Seattle Art Museum and the symphony, live music, fitness classes, the list is endless! Lives are enriched by living here.

What is your favorite part about working in Downtown Bellevue?

I just love the area and the many different aspects of Downtown. It’s just so much fun to walk down to Café Cesura for a coffee, drop off dry cleaning, and go to Panera Bread for lunch all in one day.

I also love the relationships and partnerships we’ve developed with businesses around us, including KidsQuest Children’s Museum right across the street from us. The community here feels unified, and I will always be grateful for that.

What is your favorite place to dine?

I am a huge fan of desserts, so I tend to end up at Farine Bakery & Café and Belle Pastry for a quick pick-me-up.

Do you have any favorite places to shop in Downtown Bellevue?

I just love how convenient Bellevue Square is in relation to The Bellettini. If I need to pick something up quick, It’s just a few blocks over.

Where do you see Downtown Bellevue in 3-5 years?

Since starting my job in Downtown, a year ago, I’ve already seen how much the area has expanded. I believe the area will continue to be booming and bustling with the addition of more restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and more.

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