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Person Behind The Place: Marie Harris

February 8, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Person Behind The Place:
Marie Harris

Owner | Veritables

Veritables started 27 years ago when owner Marie Harris moved from Manhattan to the Greater Seattle area to help a sick friend. They dreamed about opening a shop that could bring a fresh perspective to traditional, modern and contemporary furniture. 

In 1993, Veritables debuted in Seattle’s Madison Valley and showcased a blend of East and West urban style. When her best friend died six months later, the death pushed Harris to carry on the work they started.

The furniture shop expanded to Downtown Bellevue in 2008. Harris fell in love with Main Street and decided to close the Seattle store, which gave her a chance to concentrate on one location. Hear more about what makes Veritables unique and Harris’ favorite places in Bellevue.

Why did you decide to expand Veritables into Downtown Bellevue?

I’ve always adored Main Street. Old Bellevue’s atmosphere is quaint and friendly, I enjoy the diversity that Downtown offers. This place has everything I want in a community.

What makes Veritable stand out from other home decor shops in the area?

Because we're a small shop, you can't find these items anywhere else. Everything has a unique style or taste. We’re also a full service interior design firm. Right now, I’m working on a 13-unit condo building in Queen Anne but most of our clients are residential. These projects excite me as I can set the mood and choose materials such as cabinets and light fixtures. It’s fun to add style.

What pieces or collections are most popular?

We always stock up on beautiful cashmere throws from sustainable vendors in Italy. Our other popular items include lights and lamps. The things you see in my store are not trendy. The pieces and collections I choose won’t go out of style no matter what season it is.

What do you love about working in Downtown?

Downtown Bellevue fits with the aesthetic of my store. I was the Vice President and President of the Old Bellevue Merchant Association for a long time … there’s a strong community here.

Do you have a favorite place to dine out?

I love Carmines. Their staff is great and the location is amazing. I also love Mercato Stellina Pizzeria, they offer fantastic brick oven pizzas. Cantinetta is another great place for Italian food.

What are your favorite places to shop?

I have a wardrobe of eyeglasses from Lorali's Optical. I also tend to frequent Hedge & Vine where they have a great collection of Champagne. I like to pick up a bottle and head to friends for dinner. I also love Whisk for my kitchen gadget needs.

Any hidden gems in Downtown you'd like to share?

Maison De France is my hidden gem. They’re off the beaten path, but they offer great French home furnishings.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I might expand out of Washington, but I plan to focus my time here for a while. During the pandemic, we closed for months. I think people are cautious right now but at the same time, the people who do come want to be here. I see more people redecorating their homes. It's great to see Downtown alive again.

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