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Person Behind The Place: Megan Miller

February 24, 2023 - by Sandy Vo

Megan Miller, Owner of Expedition Pediatric Dentistry

Person Behind The Place:
Megan Miller

Owner & Dentist | Expedition Pediatric Dentistry

When Dr. Megan Miller recounted her childhood, she couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t enjoy going to the dentist. Most kids dreaded the idea, but as a second grader obsessed with teeth, Miller found the science behind dentistry fascinating – this was the start of her grind to becoming a dentist.

Miller spent all her school years determined to achieve her lifelong career goals. She focused all her studies on science and dentistry, eventually earning a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University. After graduating, she worked as a general dentist before pursuing a residency in pediatric dentistry from Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. She’s spent 10+ years working as a dentist around the Texas and Washington area before moving to Downtown Bellevue and starting her own practice in 2022 under the name Expedition Pediatric Dentistry. Miller mentioned that to this day, she still gets excited about learning. She states that dentistry is a strange combination of science and art, and it brings her joy when she melds them together perfectly. Read on to learn more about Miller’s career journey, where she sees her practice in the future and her favorite places around Downtown Bellevue.

How does your practice stand out from others in the area?

First, I would like to say there are many exceptional pediatric dentists in Bellevue and Seattle. I’d say one of the many advantages of coming to Expedition Pediatric Dentistry is that I’ve worked in many different places, so I have had a lot of practice collaborating with parents and children. Every decision and treatment plan we make is customizable and designed for a specific person based on their values, not mine. I understand the importance of making a decision for your child without feeling pressured – it’s a safe space here, and we’ve designed it this way to give our patients a choice.

I’d also say another thing that makes us stand out is that I’m an absolute tooth nerd. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, and incorporating new information into my practice. While others may find that boring, I have a true passion for this job, which reflects in our work. I really put a super strong emphasis on evidence-based dentistry because the only way I can provide better care is by continually improving the techniques we already use.

My focus on research extended beyond teeth and child psychology and into design. We worked with JPC Architects, based right here in downtown Bellevue, to thoughtfully design our inviting and approachable space for the people we serve. We incorporated design features that engage our little patients and minimize the fear inducing elements that a visit to the dentist can include. This led us to incorporate animal-assisted therapy and we have our office dog, Benny, training to provide comfort and distraction to children while they visit our office.

Why did you decide to go into pediatric care?

I found my love for working with kids while I was working as a general dentist. I enjoy helping children that are nervous or having a hard time and developing them into happy patients. Child psychology plays a massive role in my job, and we work to ensure every experience a kid has at our office works toward developing a healthy relationship with dentistry. We take it seriously because we want to make sure they feel comfortable as possible and want to continue to come to the dentist as they grow up. When they feel safe in our chair, it allows them to ask questions and have agency.

You recently became a BDA member, how else are you a part of the community?

Recently, we’ve been volunteering at KidsQuest Children’s Museum as part of their National Children’s Dental Health Month. We help execute some of their projects, including assisting kids in making little robots out of toothbrushes, teaching them how to use dental products, and participating in storytime. KidsQuest is a great organization; we’re fortunate to partner with them!

Why do you love working in Downtown Bellevue?

We love how walkable Downtown Bellevue is. My family and I used to live on Bainbridge Island, and it’s beautiful there but extremely car-dependent. Living here made me appreciate how enjoyable it is to walk to restaurants and shops without worrying about where I can park or road conditions.

What are some of your favorite spots to dine in Downtown?

When we moved to Downtown Bellevue, we noticed that our condo’s kitchen was completely unused. After living here for a while, we realize it’s because we’re surrounded by many great places to eat. I would say my top favorites are Central Bar + Restaurant and 520 Bar & Grill. The food there is always delicious, Central has some of the best chicken sandwiches and Caesar salad out there. My husband and I also enjoy Cantina Monarca, Tavern Hall, Cactus, Water Grill, and El Gaucho.

Do you have any favorite places to shop in Downtown Bellevue?

It has to be Nordstrom. I enjoy shopping in their skincare section and look forward to seeing how they plan to upgrade the space!

Do you have a hidden gem in Downtown Bellevue?

Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper might not be a true hidden gem, but it’s a bit off the beaten path. The servers are incredible, and the food is spectacular – I recommend trying their spring rolls.

Where do you see Downtown Bellevue in 3-5 years?

Right now, Downtown Bellevue still feels like a corporate town, so I hope that in the future, we can incorporate more activities and nightlife to give people a better view of what Downtown can genuinely offer. Urban living has some advantages, and I think it’s a great feeling to walk around with your family and have all the amenities you need right in your backyard.

I also hope we can resolve our transportation issues and create more affordable housing so everyone can experience living, working, and visiting here.

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