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Person Behind The Place: Petra Jahn

May 24, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Petra Jahn, owner of ZenRock Fitness

Person Behind The Place:
Petra Jahn

Owner | ZenRock Fitness

Growing up as a female athlete, Petra Jahn dealt with sexual harassment every time she visited the gym. She was tired of the reoccurring issue, which eventually sparked the idea to open a safe workout space for all.

Raised by two entrepreneurs, Jahn had a unique chance to learn from those already in the business world. In 2008, she opened her first ZenRock Fitness in Redmond, WA. She described it as a place of no judgment, where anyone could come in no matter where they were on their fitness journey.

This January, Jahn opened her second location in Downtown Bellevue after her Redmond location grew a steady following. Her experience at open gyms, she explained, fueled her motivation to continue creating places people could enter and not worry about the harassment she experienced.

Learn more about the unique services ZenRock offers, new community partnerships and Jahn’s favorite places in Downtown Bellevue.

You opened your Bellevue location just five months ago. How has business been?

It’s been a slow and steady trickle. With summer coming up, I'm hoping that will inspire people to get active. Opening another location is never easy, but the Downtown Bellevue community has been incredibly supportive. This area in Old Bellevue inspires me to keep my business going, even through tough times.

What does ZenRock Fitness offer that’s different than other workout studios?

We’re a very specific gym. ZenRock primarily focuses on one-on-one interaction where you’re working with a trainer that will guide you through each exercise by helping with form and proper movement. We also have individual rooms that provide privacy many of our clients are looking for. I created this space to help those intimidated by crowded open gyms. It’s a great place to be truly who you are.

Petra Jahn training with a client

What do you hope to achieve with each client?

We take a holistic view of the body and teach clients how to manage theirs. Many clients come in with injuries or have never used weights due to insecurities, not feeling welcome, or just lost. We help build a good foundation and consistent routine. Mental health and exercise go together. If you work out two days a week, even that can lead to a 40% to 50% improvement in mood. It's inspiring to watch clients lose weight, gain endurance, and build confidence. Seeing them succeed and become healthier versions of themselves makes our job so satisfying.

Any new programs/events coming up at ZenRock Fitness?

We’ll be hosting some free workshops over the summer focusing on core and balance stability. It’s going to be super fun and educational for those who attend. We're also starting a new Wellness Experience for corporations, small groups and families. These experiences may include strength, mobility and stretching exercises, yoga, meditation, a sound bath, and the option to include a local excursion.

Lastly, our next Yoga Adventure Retreat is coming this fall in Spain! We typically lead them twice per year and offer special opportunities to expand your yoga practice while traveling with great people to incredible places worldwide. They are all-inclusive, minus the air travel. More details coming soon. 

Where do you see ZenRock Fitness in 3-5 years? 

We recently toured Mary’s Place in Downtown Bellevue, and it’s incredible what the team there is doing. During the summer, we’ll offer complimentary yoga sessions for the residents of Mary’s Place in Bellevue Downtown Park. I see ZenRock Fitness always trying to find new ways to be a part of the community and support those who need it.

What do you love about working in Downtown Bellevue?

Just being here for the last five months, everyone has been incredibly supportive and welcoming. Old Bellevue feels like the tight-knit community I’ve always dreamed of. You know that all the struggles you’re going through aren’t isolated. Being among other small business owners that are trying to tackle the same problems and issues I'm facing is comforting. I love the solidarity and commitment to small business entrepreneurs that I’ve found here in Downtown Bellevue.

Where do you see Downtown Bellevue in 3-5 years?

We’ll start seeing the city get busier. With that comes new ideas and innovation. It’s exhilarating to see all the vast growth and changes happening now and that will continue in the future.

Where are your favorite places to dine in Downtown?

I’m a massive coffee lover, so Third Culture Coffee has some great stuff on their menu. I particularly love their Indian filter coffee. If I’m planning to splurge, I'll head to Monsoon and order their delicious catfish claypot.

Do you have a favorite place to shop here?

I love Smith & Main. The owner, Chanel Smith, is a great designer and has a passion for helping her clients look fabulous. I also love Alicia Peru, their clothes and items are so beautiful. They’re so passionate about what they do, and it’s impressive to see. Plus, I admire their mother-daughter team. 

Do you have any favorite hidden gems in Bellevue?

The Bellevue Nursery is one of my favorite places to buy gifts for others and shop for my pots outside of ZenRock! I love going there to look at all the unique plants they sell and talk to their knowledgeable staff. My father was a landscaper for the Bellevue community for almost 40 years, so being in nurseries feels like a second home for me.

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