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Snowflake Lane Brings Holiday Magic to Downtown Bellevue

November 22, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Snowflake Lane Brings Holiday Magic to Downtown Bellevue

Snowflake Lane, presented by The Bellevue Collection

Falling snow, dazzling lights, festive music, toy drummers, and lively floats – these are just a few highlights visitors can expect at the 18th Annual Snowflake Lane produced by The Bellevue Collection, starting from November 25 through December 24. After nearly two decades of putting on the event, Jennifer Leavitt, vice president of marketing at Kemper Development Company, said she never gets tired of seeing the community come together every night for the free holiday parade.  

Characters performing at Snowflake Lane

“We constantly see generational visits where the tradition continues yearly,” Leavitt said. “Families will come dressed up in similar hats or sweaters. This event has become an annual experience for many during the holidays.” 

The Bellevue Collection’s endeavor to put on the region’s most festive show has been recognized by thousands of visitors every holiday season. Leavitt recalls fond memories throughout the 18 years, including the crowd’s reaction during the first artificial snowfall and the whimsical performers seen in pastimes. To this day, Leavitt still thinks the snow is one of the reasons why this event draws people in.  

“The snow always brings out gasps from the crowd, and I love watching the kids react when they first start to see it fall for the first time,” Leavitt said. “The characters are also a big hit as well. I’m always so proud of our student performers; Clear skies or pouring down rain, they always do such a great job.” 

Float passing by at Snowflake Lane

This year’s Snowflake Lane will have an additional group of dancers called Snow Belles that will perform opposite of the parade and showcase new choreography, all crafted and managed by Greg Thompson Productions. With an event of this magnitude, Leavitt said it takes community partnership to pull it all off. She states there are three main pillars to an event like this – the operational side, the performance component, and the safety and security element provided through collaboration with the Bellevue Police and Fire Department.   

“We’re grateful to have such dedicated vendor partners who all care so much about bringing Snowflake Lane to the community that the challenges are just part of the problem-solving process to create another great event,” Leavitt said. 

While Leavitt doesn’t know how Snowflake Lane will look in the next few years, she can guarantee that they will continue refining the experience and looks forward to their 20th anniversary in 2024. For more information on parking, direction, and other holiday happenings at The Bellevue Collection, please visit their website 


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