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Summer Music Replay: New Age Flamenco

September 24, 2020 - by Kensey Wentworth

Summer Music Replay: New Age Flamenco


    New Age Flamenco wrapped up this year's Summer Music series playing beautiful "Flamenco Soul." The band, formed in 1998, is well-known in the Seattle area for their professionally-trained sound and charismatic stage presence. Their music blends Latin, Mediterranean folk, jazz, and Gypsy soul with the infectious rhythms of modern music. Learn more about New Age Flamenco on their website.

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    Every Wednesday and Thursday through September 24, we’re live-streaming performances by local and regional artists for our Heart of Bellevue Summer Music series. From folk music to classic rock, the lineup changes each week – and so does your schedule! If you couldn’t make today’s live-stream, you can watch the recording anytime on our Replay page.