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Sweet Serenity Blooms on the Eastside: The Move to Downtown Bellevue

January 11, 2024 - by Sandy Vo

Sweet Serenity Blooms on the Eastside: The Move to Downtown Bellevue

Located in the heart of the Downtown Bellevue’s business district, Sweet Serenity’s delicate smells of house plants, flower arrangement and decadent candles are hard to ignore when passing by Key Center tower. The concept of a flower shop on the ground floor of an office building may seem unusual , but owner Jennifer Huffman emphasized she is always willing to take on challenges – both in her work and personal life.

“To tell you the truth, I was reluctant about opening up a location that was very office heavy because so many people are working from home but then I realized we’re on the corner of the upcoming light rail and Amazon was bringing in more workers – It was a strategic risk I was willing to take,” Huffman said. “Sweet Serenity was born out of challenging times, so opening in Downtown Bellevue was something I knew I could take on.”

Sweet Serenity began as an online candle company in 2015 to commemorate her daughter’s survival after being diagnosed with hydrocephalus at birth, a genetic condition where fluid builds up within the brain. Serenity is now 18, healthy and thriving.

“If you meet Serenity, she’s like a little light. She just illuminates every room she walks into; like a candle in a dark space,” Huffman said. “My passion when I started the business reflects who Serenity is. To be a light for others.”

Four years after starting the online candle company, Sweet Serenity was already gaining traction after being showcased at different local boutiques around the Eastside. The success from the business and Huffman’s love for bringing beautiful products and the community together sparked the opening of a traveling flower cart in 2019 for weddings, special events and more. This side business eventually found a temporary home on the empty streets of The Villages at Totem Lake to help fill a void during the pandemic. Up until November 28, it was a popular destination for those who needed beautiful arrangements on the go.

“Our hope was that the flower cart could bring a little happiness during the pandemic, especially for those who were sad and struggling,” Huffman said. “That’s why we hung up a sign that said ‘Give a Little Happiness’. Even if people weren’t buying something from us, I’d hope they know that we cared.”

Today, Sweet Serenity currently has two permanent locations in Downtown Kirkland and in Downtown Bellevue, offering a wide range of services like customizable arrangement for weddings, event space rentals, flower cart bookings and more. While they’ve continued to expand, Sweet Serenity’s roots remains loyal to the community they serve. You can help their purpose by nominating a person to receive a free beautiful bouquet.

“We’re constantly thinking of ways to give back and bring happiness,” Huffman said. “There’s really nothing better than giving someone you love something beautiful.”

Check out Sweet Serenity’s new location in the Heart of Bellevue, now open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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