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TruFusion Brings the Heat to Downtown Bellevue

July 7, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

TruFusion Brings the Heat to Downtown Bellevue

TruFusion Bellevue

After visiting a TruFusion location during a trip to Las Vegas a few years back, local entrepreneur Scott Swerland was hooked immediately and began a plan to expand the gym to the Pacific Northwest. From there, he invited a dozen passionate investors, including Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, to the table for an idea that would push boundaries for what it meant to be a workout studio in the area. In April 2019, he opened his first-ever TruFusion Washington in Downtown Bellevue located on the second floor of Lincoln Square South.

Dynamic workout class at TruFusion

“Because of the number of active people here, we knew Downtown Bellevue would love the concept and welcome us with open arms,” Swerland said. “It was the perfect spot to be our first location.”

Founded in 2013 by owner Mike Borden, TruFusion is known as an all-encompassing fitness and yoga boutique disrupting the workout industry nationwide. Their popularity derives from their reputation for offering the largest array of training, workshops, and group classes – all under one roof.

“Our Washington franchise brings the same 30+ unique group classes found at other TruFusion locations around the country,” Swerland said. “For one low monthly fee, you can experience yoga, Pilates, boxing, boot camp, HIIT, barre, battle ropes, TRX, and much more.”

TruFusion seemed to open at the perfect time. Like many other industries, they saw a fast shift within the fitness realm during the pandemic. The unprecedented times brought people anguish, sadness, and stress – a lethal combination to anyone’s mental and physical health. In the face of adversity, TruFusion saw a spike in people turning to exercise.

“The pandemic really put a spotlight on exercise benefits like immune function support, positive impact on mental health, and more,” Dave Johnson, membership engagement specialist at TruFusion Washington, said. “As people had to pivot and readjust schedules and expectations for the last two years, exercise has become a top priority.”

Community connection

While home workouts alleviate stress, Johnson said the element of connecting with others is just as important.

“People found our classes to be a great way to reconnect with others and get back into a social environment while still focusing on themselves,” Johnson said.

Following their first location’s success, they’ve expanded TruFusion to Ballard, Wash., where they’re focused on offering the same community experience to everyone who walks through their door.

“We believe fitness is not a shape, size, or number but an elevated state of being. We give you the tools to transform your body and mind through our multi-modality range of classes,” Johnson said. “Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic looking for a challenge or a newcomer trying to find a community during the pandemic, TruFusion is here to get through you it all.”

Now through the summer, see what TruFusion offers with their 10 classes for $10 deal! More information and registration details can be found on their website.

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