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Candeo Flower

Darla Barrett | Booth B24 | Redmond, WA

Opal Art Glass

Johnny Camp | Booth C32 | Cosmopolis, WA



Other Worlds

Keith Neissel | Booth C40 | Olympia, WA



Health & Wellness

Chris's Country Essence

Chris Sienkiewich | Booth C5 | Yelm, WA 



Sophisticated Soap and Body Butter

Michael Lipchitz | Booth A8 | New River, AZ



The Soap Block

Heather Akthar | Booth B22 | Santa Clara, CA



Home Accessories 


Liz Carlis | Booth B6 | Seattle, WA



Blink in Time

David Roseburg | Booth A2 | Edmonds, WA



KlapnKlip Home and Body

Carlo Guadagno | Booth A15 | Austin, TX



Pomegranate Designs

Michele Yamaguma | Booth C33 | Redwood City, CA



River's Edge Metalworks

Kirsten Reinhard | Booth A5 | Snohomish, WA



Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts

Howard Bing | Booth B17 | Burien, WA



Village Folk Art

Janice & Robert Vigelius | Booth E15 | Blaine, WA




Angel Heiou Design

Kathleen Wefer | Booth B15 | Bellingham, WA



Aphrodite's Treasures

Emma Bennett | Booth C8 | Eugene, OR



BeMused Creations

Debbie Shaner | Booth B1 | Seattle, WA



Bling! Bling!

Cheril Cruden | Booth B37 | Bellevue, WA



Crescent Moon Designs

Heather Lewis | Booth C48 | Seattle, WA



DJ's Jewelry & Accessories

Donna Kilmas | Booth A14 | Vancouver, WA



Exquistry Jewelry

Amisha Shah | Booth B4 | Sammamish, WA



Eye Candi Co.

Candi Baranski | Booth C44 | Tucson, AZ




Paula Chang | Booth C45 | Rio Vista, CA




Pam Amputh | Booth C31 | Thousand Oaks, CA

Green Gypsy

Susan Casebeer | Booth C9 | Central Point, OR

Hang in There

Elfried Somberg | Booth B25 | Long Beach, CA

Hartstring Jewelry

Aline Sar | Booth A6 | San Francisco, CA

In the Beginning Handcrocheted Jewelry

Ann Jalsa | Booth B30 | Gainesville, FL

Jamison Rae Jewelry

Jamison Olson | Booth C43 | Boise, ID

Jana Cooper Jewelry 

Jana Cooper | Booth C25 | Seattle, WA

JEEBA Jewelry

Jason Dayne | Booth C17 | Davis, CA

Jem's Jewelry

Mary Freiburger | Booth C29 | Seattle, WA

Jessica Wertz Ceramics

Jessica Wertz | Booth B10 | Molalla, OR

Jewelry by Viki Inc

Viki Ciesiul | Booth A17 | Portland, OR

Judy Brandon Jewelry

Judy Brandon | Booth C37 | Simi Valley, CA

Leilani Jensen Jewelry

Leilani Jensen | Booth C13 | Seattle, WA

Lisa Boyce Jewelry

Lisa Boyce | Booth A3 | Kirkland, WA

Living Stones Creations

Lyle Ang | Booth B19 | Mill City, OR

Lori Kirsch

Lori Kirsch | Booth C28 | Phoenix, AZ

Mary's Inklings

Mary DeLay-Goodstein | Booth C14 | Camas, WA

Mopilo Designs

John Akhtar | Booth B23 | Santa Clara, CA

Pages Jewelry & Art

Page Gehrke | Booth B16 | Suquamish, WA

Sacred Faces Jewelry

Jamie Sandoval | Booth C39 | Santa Fe, NM

Saucy Jewelry

Elisa Saucy | Booth C20 | Monroe, OR


Helene Cooper | Booth C27 | Port Angeles, WA

Sun Metal Jewelry

Diana Damiano | Booth B8 | Palm Bay, FL

SuStudio Jewelry

Susanna Tam | Booth C22 | Renton, WA

The Silver Acorn

Linda Wagner | Booth B13 | Spokane, WA


Outdoor & Yard Art

Everbloomin Glass Flowers

Sandy Dahlberg | Booth E11 | Edmonds, WA

The Rustic Garden

Judy Marcoe | Booth E13 | Madras, OR


Paint & Print

Apple Cox Design

Apple Cox | Booth A12 | Vashon, WA

Art by Vikram Madan

Vikram Madan | Booth C1 | Bellevue, WA

Corinne Farley

Corinne Farley | Booth B31 | Anacortes, WA

Jing's Asian Art

Jing Shi | Booth B20 | Bellevue, WA

Joachim McMillan

Joachim McMillan | Booth C16 | Beaverton, OR

Jon Jahraus Cartoons

Jon Jahraus | Booth C30 | Parkville, MO

LDaniels Art

Lisa Daniels | Booth A4 | Lake Stevens, WA

Mary Gibbs Watercolors

Mary Gibbs | Booth C2 | Auburn, WA

Nasima Art

Nasima Davati | Booth B5 | Woodinville, WA

Noelle Dass Studio

Noelle Dass Studio | Booth C11 | Spokane, WA

Over the Line Art

Dexter Rothchild | PLAZA | Seattle, WA


Paz Winshtein | B12 | Agoura Hills, CA

Planet Popi

Popi Cotrell | Booth C26 | N. Las Vegas, NV

Prince & Fox, LLC

MiYoung Margolis | Booth B2 | Seattle, WA

Serota Fine Art

Alan Serota | Booth C42 | Spicewood, TX


Kim Rutledge | Booth C23 | Bellingham, WA

Vicknair Arts

Nicholas Vicknair | Booth B39-40 | Bend, OR



J A Barrett Photography, LLC

John Barrett | Booth A11 | Grapeview, WA

James Jackson Photography

James Jackson | Booth B3 | Salt Lake City, UT

Kathy Zimmerman Photography

Kathy Zimmerman | Booth B11 | Phoenix, AZ

Lake Vermilion Photos

Craig Voth | Booth C45 | Bellevue, WA

Light Impressions by Vitali Prokopenko

Vitali Prokopenko | Booth C15 | Issaquah, WA

Peterson Scenic Photography

Elke Peterson | Booth B21 | Gresham, WA



Brendan Fuller Ceramics

Brendan Fuller | Booth A9 | Redmond, WA

Madhatter Pottery

Elyce Tallman | Booth C3 | Newport, WA



Amerinda Alpern Designs

Amerinda Alpern | Booth B36 | Portland, OR

Copper Elements

Daniel Hedblom | Booth A10 | Rochester, MN

Metal Art

Dennis Cant | Booth E12 | Arlington, WA


Specialty Food

Caramel Kitchen

Stephanie Hunter | Booth C49 | Coeur d'Alene, ID

Chez Jane Inc.

Jane Rabay | Booth C36 | Sammamish, WA

Friday Harbor House of Jerky

Mike Lineback | Booth B35 | Friday Harbor, WA


Caroline Van Staden | Booth B26 | Maple Valley, WA


Mark  Smith | Booth C21 | Show Low, AZ



Bibs and Buttons

Amanda Cloutier | Booth B38 | Las Vegas, NV

byrkit, inc

Jan Byrkit | Booth E14 | Mosier, OR

Delos Angelos 

Enrique De Los Angeles | Booth B27 | Fremont, CA

Jane Mohr Designs

Jane Mohr | Booth B29 | Van Nuys, CA

Jeri-Ohs Travel Accessories and Purses

Geri Flynn | Booth C34-35 | Seattle, WA

Lark Studios

Donna Lark-Weiner | Booth C4 | Port Townsend, WA 


Arlyne & Richard Julao | Booth C12 | Mariposa, CA

Mehndi Madness

Krysteen Lomonaco | PLAZA | Edmonds, WA 

Monika's Design

Monika Wysocki | Booth B32 | Lynnwood, WA 


Jaymi Matsudaira | Booth A13 | Sammamish, WA

Provence Décor

Priscila Jourdan | Booth C18-19 | Temecula, CA

Pure Intent

Kim Williams | Booth C41 | Spring Hill, TN

S and G Designs

Sawai McLaughlin | Booth B7 | Zephyrhills, FL


Michael Sage | Booth A16 | Vancouver, WA

Sweet Ties Hair Ties & Headbands

Holly Mandarino | Booth B18 | Gig Harbor, WA

Willard George

Willard George | Booth B9 | Santa Barbara, CA



3-D Wood Maps

Raul Carranza | Booth C46-47 | Bothell, WA

D3F Woodworks

Daniel Schemel | Booth A7 | Grand Prairie, TX

Dryad Woodworks

Brian Clark | Booth C24 | Seattle, WA

Herrnon Crafts

Camille Sugrue | Booth C38 | Mill Creek, WA

Hudson River Inlay

Jeffrey Nelson | Booth C6 | New Windsor, NY

Jake Toys

Jake Szramek | Booth B14 | Salem, OR


Thomas Thorp | Booth B33-34 | La Luz, NM

Nils Dougan

Nils Dougan | Booth B28 | Portland, OR

Sibbett Studio

Peter Sibbett | Booth C10 | Tacoma, WA

Silhouette Studio

Woody Smith | Booth C7 | Crystal Lake, IL


Congrats to our 2017 Award Winners!

Best in Show 

Art by Vikram Madan

Best Booth


Best Newbie

Twyla Dill Design


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