Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of participating in the 6th Street Fair?

The cost of participating is a flat fee assessed in the form of a booth fee. The artist keeps all profits made during the event. 

  • 10' x 10' (Main) = $750
  • 10' x 10' (Corner, Main) = $900
  • 10' x 20' (Corner, Main) = $1,650
  • 10' x 10' (East Curb) = $650
  • 10' x 10' (Corner, East Curb) = $800
  • 10' x 20' (Corner, East Curb) = $1,450
  • 6' x 10' (Corridor along NE 6th St.) = $900
  • 6' x 20' (Corridor along NE 6th St.) = $1,100

What does the booth fee cover?

The booth fees cover costs associated with the 6th Street Fair, including staffing, permit fees and infrastructure costs.

Are there any awards distributed at the 6th Street Fair?

Yes, there are three awards given during the 6th Street Fair: Best in Show, Best Booth and Best Newbie. The winners are offered a complimentary application fee to participate in the following year’s event at a booth location of their choosing.

What is involved in the selection process and who is on the jury?

The selection process involves review by a jury. Applicants are scored on the following criterion: booth appearance, originality, craftsmanship and market appeal. There is no guarantee previous year's participants will be accepted. The jury includes members of the local arts community.

May I select my location?

You may request a specific booth location, but this placement is not guaranteed. We try to accommodate all requests, but the jury score determines final decisions regarding the placement of artists. Every attempt is made to separate similar artists so that there is a great amount of variety in every location.

May I sell commercial products?

No. All products must be hand‐made by the applicant.

What do I need to turn in with my application?

With the completed application, each artist must pay the $35 application fee, have a minimum of three color photos of their work of art and at least one color photo of their booth display. It is important to the BDA and to fellow artists that each booth is professional and appealing to the public. The appearance of the booth is an integral part of the selection process and applicants without a booth photo will be scored accordingly.

What is the load‐in process and must I line up?

The load‐in and load‐out processes are created to help the artists load/unload efficiently and easily. A packet will be mailed by mid-June, stating exactly when each artist should arrive and line up. It is crucial that artists adhere to the specifics of the load‐in schedule in order to assure an orderly process. Artists who miss their scheduled time will need to hand cart their artwork to their booth space. Parking is very limited. Also, please note that there will be volunteers on hand to help artists unload during established load‐in times, if needed.

Does the fair provide tables or canopies for artists?

No. Each booth must supply a white easy‐up canopy and fire extinguisher. If you need tables and/or a white canopy, you may contact our rental provider, CORT Party Rental at 1‐877‐939‐RENT or visit them online. They have provided items for artists in the past with a discount and users have found them easy to use.

Lodging Options*:

*Mention you are with the 6th Street Fair or Arts Fair Weekend 

Is there any RV parking nearby?

The nearest RV parking is in Renton and Issaquah. There are no RV parking sites immediately adjacent to the downtown Bellevue event location.

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