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John Boespflug City Builder Award Honorees

The John Boespflug City Builder Award honors what every great community is built on – great people. John Boespflug was a talented attorney and highly-involved civic leader. He devoted countless hours to organizations, advancing causes he believed in, like a strong downtown, a well-functioning city and a healthy business community.

John served as Bellevue Downtown Association Chair in 1988 and 1998 He was committed throughout his career to working on key issues for our city until his untimely passing in 1999. The BDA founded the John Boespflug City Builder Award to commemorate his work and honor a significant career contribution that has positively shaped the BDA and our city. 

Past honorees

2024 | Brad Miyake

2023 | Ross Jacobson

2019 | Stacy Graven

2011 | Matt Terry 

2009 | Suzanne Baugh

2008 | John Valaas

2007 | John Su

2005 | Kemper Freeman, Jr. 

2004 | All Past BDA Chairs 

2003 | Bob Wallace 

2002 | H. Jon Runstad & Jon Nordby

2001 | David Schooler 

2000 | Kirk Mathewson