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Updated January 2019

The Mobility Catalog serves as a supplemental tool for the BDA Downtown Access Strategy to help inform members about the many different transportation improvement projects and initiatives that are considered, being implemented, or ongoing. Updates will occur semi-regularly to reflect changes. 


6th Street Extension – WSDOT /  Bellevue 
(116th Ave NE or 120th Ave NE)
Transit-focused extension
Wilburton Final EIS 2019 // Land Use Code Update 2020

NE 2nd St – City of Bellevue
(Bellevue Way to 112th Ave NE)
Roadway widening

NE 2nd St Extension + I-405 Interchange
City of Bellevue
(112th Ave NE to 116th Ave NE)
Road extension with a half interchange at I-405

110th Avenue NE - City of Bellevue
(NE 6th St to NE 8th St)
Widen lanes from 3 to 5 + sidewalk improvements

116th Avenue NE Streetscape Plan – City of Bellevue
Add lights, turn lanes, and bike lanes. 
Wilburton Final EIS 2019 // Land Use Code Update 2020

Bellevue Way HOV – City of Bellevue
(112th Ave SE "Y" to I-90)
Construct HOV express lane
Construction 2023-24

NE Spring Blvd – City of Bellevue
Construct new arterial
Zone 1 (116th AVE NE – 120th Ave NE)
Construction Q2 2019 // Complete Q2 2020
Zone 2 (120th AVE NE – 124th Ave NE)
Construction Q2 2019 // Complete Q2 2020

124th Ave NE – City of Bellevue
Widen roadway to five lanes
Zone 1 (NE 8th to NE 12th) 
Construction Q1 2019 // Complete Q3 2019
Zone 2 (NE 12th to NE Spring Blvd) 
Construction 2020 // Completion 2021
Zone 3 (NE Spring Blvd to Ichigo Way) 
Construction Q2 2019 // Complete Q3 2020
Zone 4 (Ichigo Way to Northup Way) 
Construction 2021 // Completion 2022

130th Ave NE – City of Bellevue
(BelRed Road to NE 20th St)
Intersection and curbside improvement
Construction Q2 2020 // Completion Q1 2021





Eastside Rail Corridor – King County (Concept)
16.7-mile north/south regional trail
Branding 2019 // Construction 2019-20 // Completion 2020

Grand Connection – City of Bellevue (Concept)
Non-motorized corridor 
(Meydenbauer Bay to Eastside Rail Corridor)
Design 2019 – 20

108th Ave NE Demonstration Bike Lane – City of Bellevue
Implemented for evaluation
(Main St to NE 112th St)
Testing 2018-19 // Evaluation Q3 2019

East Link Extension – Sound Transit
Construction 2015-22 // Completion 2023





NE 10th St / I-405 SB Ramp – COB + WSDOT
Seeking outside agency partnership

I-405 Bus Rapid Transit – Sound Transit + WSDOT
Planning 2016-19 // Design 2020 – 23 
Construction 2023 – 25 // Open 2024

I-405 Masterplan, Widening - WSDOT
(Renton to Bellevue)
Construction 2019 // Completion 2024

I-405 /2nd or Main St Interchange – COB + WSDOT
General Purpose Ramps

Southbound SR 520 / I-405 “Braid” - WSDOT
Add ramps to separate vehicles entering and exiting northbound I-405 between NE 8th Street and SR 520 in Bellevue. This project will add a bypass lane for I-405 traffic headed eastbound to SR 520.

SR-520 / 124th Ave NE Interchange – COB+ WSDOT
Coordinate with WSDOT





Downtown Transportation Plan
City of Bellevue – EXISTING
Mobility plan to 2030 to accommodate growth in Downtown.

Downtown Parking Study
City of Bellevue – PROPOSED
Funding in the Bellevue 2019-25 CIP
Downtown Community Development Implementation Initiative

Bellevue Transit Master Plan
Bellevue – EXISTING
City process for influencing decisions made by regional transit authorities and tracking capital projects to 2030.

Multimodal Level of Service
Bellevue - PROPOSED
Council Adoption Q2/3 2019

Transportation Management Programs
Provides employers plans and programs to reduce travel times and commute trips in/out and from Downtown Bellevue.

Pedestrian-Bicycle Plan
Bellevue – EXISTING
Framework expanding bike facilities throughout Bellevue.
Pedestrian & Bicycle Implementation Initiative adopted in 2015

Smart Mobility Plan
City of Bellevue – EXISTING
Update adopted 2018 // Implantation Strategy Undefined  
A strategy for deploying new mobility efficiencies through technology

Vision Zero
City of Bellevue – PROPOSED
Implementation 2019
Goal and strategy to reduce collisions and eliminate fatalities.