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20+ Shows, 5 Nights, All Virtual: Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival Reimagined for Its 13th Run

September 11, 2020 - by Mason Luvera

20+ Shows, 5 Nights, All Virtual:
Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival Reimagined For Its 13th Run

For the past twelve years, the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival has welcomed local and national acts alike to the Heart of Bellevue – bringing cozy performances to your favorite bars and headliner shows to the Meydenbauer Center. While this event solidified its place as a community staple for gathering with friends and loved ones, the Jazz & Blues fest will go virtual this year: bringing you 20+ live performances streaming safely to your home. Here’s what to expect and why you won’t want to miss it.

Now called the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Music Series, this year’s event has been reimagined in an entirely digital way - packaging everything you love about the Jazz & Blues fest into a five-day-long streaming extravaganza. The concept is simple: each evening, October 5th through 9th, four live performances will be streamed back-to-back from the Resonance Theater in Downtown Bellevue. The best part? The event is entirely free – just stream it from our website or through our Facebook page.

This year’s lineup includes an array of different artists spanning the jazz and blues genre. From the dynamic kicks of the Stacy Jones Band to KO Ensemble’s eclectic sound, you can fill your speakers or headphones with a diverse set of talent. Check out the full event lineup and explore the range of artists.

As an event known for filling restaurants and gathering crowds, going virtual wasn’t an easy decision, but it was an important one – following social distancing guidelines remains critical in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Mike Ogliore, VP of Events at the Bellevue Downtown Association, said his team worked to brainstorm a new way to celebrate together instead of simply canceling the event. It was about keeping spirits high while keeping the community safe.

 “We knew we had to get creative in how we reimagined the event for this year,” Ogliore said. “We wanted to support our local musicians, especially now, while still giving folks a signature event experience they can enjoy from home."

While the format may be different, the core experience remains the same: great music and a good time. So tune in each night, grab takeout or a cocktail to go, and turn up the jams from home!

Get more information & see this year's lineup on the Jazz & Blues Music Series page.