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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Employees’ Commute

May 21, 2019 - by Augusta DeVries

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Our in-house team of transportation experts, TransManage, supports thousands of Downtown employees each year through custom commute planning, incentives and resources around improving commutes. The commute can be one of the main reasons an employee decides to leave a job, or why they take a new job.

We’ve pulled together five ways you can help attract and retain your top talent by taking a closer look at their commutes:

  • Sign up to receive a Business Services Starter Packet: Read through the program options at your own pace. And you’ll receive a $25 REI gift card just for getting plugged in!
  • Meet with a TransManage staffer: We’ll walk through the options and customize a program for you.
  • Provide options: Give your employees flexibility to bus one day, drive the next. It’s all about choices. There are transit passes designed for flexibility that meet your budget.
  • Explore how a Telework program could serve your employees: Reducing trips to the office and creating flexibility for employees? Now there’s a win-win!
  • Share your commute program with us: Great programs deserve to be recognized! If more companies create robust commute options, commute stress is eased for everyone. 

Learn more at our partner program website: or contact or 425-990-3097 for more information.

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