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A Charitable Brew of Community Work and Great Coffee at Bellden Cafe

January 8, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

A Charitable Brew of Community Work and Great Coffee at Bellden Cafe

Claire Sumadiwirya is more than just the owner of Bellden Cafe. She’s a pillar of the community, fighting to make Bellevue a place for everyone.

“I grew up in Bellevue, I experienced great hospitality, great generosity. This is my community and I want to make it a great place for people who don’t have the tools or the capacity to make their dreams come true.” Sumadiwirya said.

The generosity she exudes comes from her experience of having premature labor during her second pregnancy. After watching the hospital staff give such great care to her son, Sumadiwirya knew she wanted to replicate that kindness in her hometown.

“That level of kindness and generosity is so special, you can’t just find that in anyone,” she said.

Since opening Bellden Cafe in 2017, Sumadiwirya’s mission is more than just selling coffee. She strives to find ways to intertwine her business with local charities and foundations through unique campaigns. One of the many organizations she continues to work closely with is Overlake Medical Center.

“Because of my history with Overlake Medical Center, being a patient and being on the board, we created a drink called ‘Home for the Holidays Latte’ where 25% of the proceeds received from this drink goes straight to Overlake Hospital Medical Center Foundation,” she said. “Each specialty drink we have is dedicated to different types of charities. We’re grateful to be a part of each one.”

The future for Bellden Cafe continues to be about the community. Currently, Sumadiwirya is focused on supporting fellow immigrant female business owners. After facing racial discrimination herself, she has plans to fight back with help from a Comcast RISE business grant. She has already started an empowerment training program, giving her the opportunity to create a better system.

“There are people out there who are brilliant and smart, they shouldn’t be held back just because they don’t have the tools,” she said. “This project will help immigrant business owners make their dreams come true.”

At the end of the day, Sumadiwirya gives credit to her staff, the people who help make Bellden Cafe a safe community space for everyone.

“Being a single mother of three, I understand self-care is important. If my team isn’t taking care of themselves, how are they supposed to take care of anybody else?" she said. "My team is my most important asset and together, we will continue to advocate for a better community."

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Bellden Cafe
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