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Welcome to the Heart of Bellevue

June 25, 2020 - by Kensey Wentworth

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Welcome to the Heart of Bellevue

As Bellevue enters Phase II of Washington’s phased re-opening plan, the local businesses we know and love will gradually begin reopening their doors. As businesses figure out their unique path forward, we’ve been hearing inspiring stories of how they're surviving this crisis. 

The Heart of Bellevue campaign is designed to connect and promote local businesses in Downtown Bellevue. We’re sharing stories of activity, creativity and recovery. From hosting virtual and in-person events, to promoting special offers at local restaurants… we’re excited to bring life back to our urban core.

“This is a big opportunity for us to help Downtown thrive,” says Patrick Bannon, president of the Bellevue Downtown Association. “The heart of Bellevue is a very resilient place, growing and evolving in remarkable ways. We’ll continue supporting our city’s great businesses, restaurants, and shops as we move forward together.”

Bellevue is a diverse, growing city with a community that—now more than ever—is striving to support its own. An individual is just as much part of the Heart of Bellevue as a business. This is a place where people can explore their passions, test their creativity and discover what makes them unique. Things may look different after a pandemic, but the core qualities of ambition, strength and passion are still alive. 

Discover the Heart of Bellevue

We encourage you to: 

  • Support our small businesses by visiting your favorite neighborhood shops, services, and restaurants
  • Have confidence that businesses are committed to reopening safely and responsibly
  • Be understanding and patient with local shop, service, and restaurant staff while extra care is being taken
  • Engage with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email updates
  • Join the conversation! Tag #heartofbellevue on any social posts

As our city reopens, the hope is for our community to shop, dine, and relax with ease in the coming weeks ahead. Perhaps now more than ever we need to think, buy and support local. After all, small businesses make us stronger and keep Bellevue whole.  


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