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Al Fresco Friday: Araya's Place

August 13, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Al Fresco Friday: Araya's Place
Creating Memorable Moments, One Meal at a Time

Araya's Place in Bellevue emphasizes the importance of eating with others. The eldest son of Araya, Aratana Nualkhair, took over the restaurant and is determined to offer a spot where people can spend quality time together.

“In our family, eating is one of the most important activities in life,” he said. “During our meals, we eat, we laugh, and we share our lives with each other.”

Araya’s made culinary history as the very first vegan-Thai restaurant in the northwest. After retiring, Araya entrusted Nualkhair and a team of people to carry on her legacy.

“Araya spent time traveling the world and developing a passion for food,” he said. “What she learned from her worldwide travels is not only how important the right ingredients and herbs are, but how the right company can make food great.”

Nualkhair took that lesson from his mother and turned her philosophy into a mission to serve only the freshest ingredients in her honor. Araya's team invites everyone to come and enjoy life as their family does - one moment and one meal at a time. Savor all the flavors on his patio this summer and try out Nualkhair's personal favorite dishes!


Nualkhair recommends:

  • Avocado Curry | 16.95
    Creamy, delicious avocado curry will leave your jaw dropped on the floor! It’s a combination of soft and fried tofu, plant-based meat, fresh avocado and bell peppers cooked in a green curry sauce!


  • Drunken Mushroom | $16.95
    If you can't get enough mushrooms in your mouth, Nualkhair recommends this plate: chock full of wide noodles, fresh ginger, plant-based meat asparagus, onions, Portobello, and shiitake with both oyster and white mushrooms. Talk about a perfect dish for a patio outing!


  • Phad Thai | $13.95
    Noodle fans, this one goes out to you! Thin stir-fried rice noodles, fried tofu, bean sprouts and chives unite for a dish of scrumptious proportions. Grab plenty of napkins, kick your feet up, and dive in!


  • Lover's Curry | $16.95
     Grab a table and try yet another flavor filled curry dish with tasty potato, tofu and plant-based meat cooked in Penang curry. Beat the heat with good grub around friendly faces--- Sounds like the perfect summer treat!



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Araya's Place
10246 Main St
Bellevue, WA 98004

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