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Al Fresco Friday: Finding a Taste of Summer in the Heart of Bellevue

August 6, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Al Fresco Friday: Finding a Taste of Summer in the Heart of Bellevue


There is no disagreement when it comes to what makes food exceptional: fresh ingredients make the best dishes. Summertime fruits and vegetables are overflowing at markets and produce stands. From peaches to eggplants, get the most out of your summer by trying our favorite Al Fresco restaurants!

Monsoon | Asian Eggplant

Monsoon Bellevue prides themselves on serving local and fresh ingredients from the northwest. That's why their Asian eggplant dish is a must-have on our summer list, made with green onions, spicy coconut milk and shrimp sauce.


Carmine's | La Caprese

Carmine's brings you high-quality service, ambiance and most importantly, local food! The La Caprese dish includes seasonal ripe tomatoes, served with buffalo mozzarella with basil and extra virgin olive oil.


Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper | Sticky Mango Rice

Thai Kitchen serves indulgent flavors with fresh ingredients from the northwest. Their patio is the perfect place to try the Sticky Rice Mango made with sweet rice and coconut milk! This is a seasonal special, so don't wait long or it'll be gone at the end of summer.


Cantinetta | Burrata

Cantinetta specializes in Tuscan culinary traditions, including hand-made pasta and seasonal, organic ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. You'll only find the freshest dishes here, including their Burrata made with fresh in-season peaches, heirloom tomato and fettunta.


Black Bottle Bellevue | Sun-Dried Cherries Flatbread

Black Bottle is a pub that loves fresh, sharable, rustic food! Cherries are in season and Black Bottle is serving up their Sun-Dried Cherries Flat Bread, made with smoked chicken and fontina. A perfect patio dish. 


Blog images courtesy of: Cantinetta, Black Bottle, Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper, Carmines, Pixabay on Pexels and Monsoon


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