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Al Fresco Friday: Fun Shareables For the Table

July 2, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Al Fresco Friday:
Fun Shareables the Whole Table Will Love

Food is better when shared with your favorite people. This Independence Day weekend and beyond, enjoy delicious shareable dishes made for the whole table! Here's our list of Al Fresco spots that offer unique appetizers and shared plates.



Specializing in Tuscan culinary traditions, Cantinetta is an Italian restaurant serving authentic hand-made pasta and seasonal, organic ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Nothing gets fresher than this!

  • Fun Sharings: A true crowd pleaser is the brown butter asparagus. These are cooked in brown butter, sage, and garnished with pecorino toscano! Don’t be surprised when it instantly becomes the table’s favorite!



Dough Zone

If you’re looking for comfort food, make sure to take a seat at Dough Zone! Established in Seattle, Dough Zone brings traditional homemade Chinese comfort food into a modern setting. They continue to pride themselves on friendly service and affordable pricing!

  • Fun Sharings: Comfort food means everyone will feel good about it! Try their pork buns filled with moist pork, wrapped in dough. This dish is perfectly soft on top while crispy and crunchy on the bottom--best of both worlds!


Araya's Place

Araya’s serves unique vegan Thai food in a family-oriented atmosphere. Araya’s believes that the dinner table is one of the most cherished moments in life, so grab your friends and family and experience good food with the ones you care about the most!

  • Fun Sharings: Share a moment with delicious and crispy pan-friend Tofu Satay marinated in curry powder and coconut milk. This dish is served on skewers with peanut sauce for easy grabbing!


JOEY Bellevue

JOEY has one secret to success: hard work, unwavering commitment to customers, and assembling the very best people to provide you with an exceptional dining experience! Here, you’ll find great food, a lively environment, and a desirable patio waiting for you!

  • Fun Sharings: Stop by and try the Sliders Royale made with their secret sauce, American cheese, and Certified Angus Beef. Perfect for sharing festivities!



Central Bar + Restaurant

Spend your night at Central Bar, known for its vibrant atmosphere that will captivate you as soon as you enter the door. Discover a social hive that will offer you a warm environment, beautiful lighting, and an open aesthetic that makes you feel like part of a celebration!

  • Fun Sharings: Pass around the delicious breaded calamari, served with house-made slaw and smokey chipotle aioli. You won’t regret ending the night with these!


Japonessa Sushi Cocina

Looking for something more unique? Check out Japonessa Sushi featuring a Japanese concept fused with hints of Latin flair. This is a combination you'll have to try!

  • Fun Sharings: Sushi is made to be shared! Try their Barcelona Sunset Roll off their signature roll menu made with spicy yellowtail, avocado, cucumber topped with flying fish roe, and habanero aioli.



Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper

Welcome to a family-owned restaurant with a modern and unique interior. Come in and enjoy authentic Thai food inspired by family recipes!

  • Fun Firework Sharings: Order some fresh spring rolls for the table! Wrapped in a hand-rolled pastry, this appetizer is filled with vermicelli noodles, cabbage, and carrots---served with plum sauce.


Blog image courtesy of: Cantinetta, Dough Zone, Joey Bellevue, Central Bar + Restaurant, Japonessa Sushi Cocina, Thai Kitchen Red Pepper, Unsplashed


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