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Al Fresco Friday: Third Culture Coffee

September 3, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Al Fresco Friday: Third Culture Coffee
Bringing the World Together Through Specialty Coffee and Teas

Third Culture Coffee transcends all borders, bringing together the tradition and history of cultures with the allure and mystique of coffee and tea. They believe in ethically sourcing quality ingredients, collaboration, community and initiative. General Manager John Hong says he wants to celebrate how coffee is made in different parts of the world.

“Not many people have the privilege to travel to different cultures and experience the different ways coffee is made. Each place has its own unique method and flavor profiles,” Hong said. “We try to execute all of our signature drinks as authentically as possible.”

At Third Culture Coffee, they bring a curated experience with a different perspective... a perspective that celebrates a global coffee culture and brings the world together, one cup at a time. Third Culture’s patio is a perfect spot to enjoy these specially selected drinks (and some delicious pastries!) recommended by Hong.

Hong's Menu Recommendations:

Indian Filter Coffee

The Indian filter coffee is a traditional South Indian coffee drink made with chicory, condensed milk and organic milk. It is served extra hot in a special stainless steel cup. Try it with their delicious lemon lavender cake!


New Orleans Iced Coffee

The most popular drink at Third Culture, the New Orleans Iced Coffee, is made with their house-made cold brew that is infused with chicory creating a woodier flavor profile. To top it off, the drink is mixed with the right ratio of organic milk and a small amount of organic raw sugar. A perfect summer patio drink to kick start your morning.


Ginger Chai Latte

The Ginger Chai Latte is made with in-house ginger chai concentrate, black tea, cardamom, organic ginger, and topped with cinnamon. As the weather starts getting cooler, make sure to order this with their pumpkin squash harvest bread.


Honey Rose Matcha

Tea fans, this one's for you. Third Culture has a specially made Honey Rose Matcha drink served hot and iced. It's made with honey, rose water and organic matcha tea. Get it served on their cozy patio.


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