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Bellevue Beats: Behind the Scenes at Brio Apartments

November 30, -0001 - by Brooke Wilson

Category Heart of Bellevue

Behind the Scenes at Brio Apartments 

As we prepare to return to our signature afternoon concerts at different outdoor venues throughout the #HeartofBellevue, we wanted to reflect on how Brio Apartments made our recording sessions possible as the Bellevue Beats Music Series premieres its final performance at noon today.

Spacious, bright and tuned into the pulse of local community, luxury amenities at Brio Apartments were only part of the draw in deciding where to host our roster of regionally recognized musicians. 

An opportunity to partner with Brio Apartments proved especially gratifying for our virtual solo artists, whose careers hinge on reaching audiences amid COVID-19 restrictions to continue producing and supporting their music.

On the ground floor, Brio Apartments has an active hand in cultivating an accessible, dynamic culture in the Downtown neighborhood.

Through local charity efforts, community investment and other collaborations, Brio Apartments creates the kind of connections that help ensure Downtown Bellevue delivers as a regional leader in urban development, inclusive advocacy and economic vitality.

For those first settling into an urban scene, the experience can often feel daunting and disconnected. But Brio Apartments recognizes that isn’t the case in Bellevue, and its staff are committed to strengthening the relationship between residents and the diverse breadth of possibility found in the Downtown environment.

Walkable commutes and plentiful public transit options are just a few reasons that make Brio conveniently situated among the activity, innovation and entertainment that Bellevue, at its heart, inspires.


Spanning April through autumn, we’re reigniting Downtown's music scene with free concerts in the Heart of Bellevue. Stream shows online every Wednesday, with outdoor Summer Sessions beginning in person July 7! Whether you catch the tunes online or stroll Downtown for shows under the sun, Bellevue Beats has a little something for everyone!


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Brio Apartments
11130 NE 10th St
Bellevue, WA 98004

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