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Studio Wax: Boosting Confidence (and Your Brows) in the Heart of Bellevue

November 20, 2020 - by Brooke Wilson

Studio Wax: Boosting Confidence (and Your Brows) in the Heart of Bellevue

If your imagination worked like a web browser and you started to type “waxing” in the search bar, those autocomplete results might curl your toes, or seem just plain unglamorous. Thankfully, whatever dreadful picture your brain drudged up could not be further from what clients discover at Studio Wax on Main Street. Tucked behind Monsoon and Shakti Vinyasa Yoga, an oasis awaits at Studio Wax – with a bright, relaxed atmosphere and trained hands on deck to soothe and sculpt your waxing worries away.

From brow maintenance to bikini preparation, the estheticians on staff craft a customized approach to handle your unique personal style desires. Each Studio Wax attendant understands that helping a client look their best requires superior handiwork and nuanced adjustments.

Current trends ebb and flow, but Owner and Master Esthetician Kasie Harvey believes instilling confidence and encouraging individual refinement remains evergreen in the cosmetology industry.

“I had always been super interested in skincare and beauty and decided to take the opportunity to go back to school,” Kasie said. “And the rest is history.”

With 10 years of experience and counting under her belt, Kasie switched gears in her professional pursuits to become a licensed esthetician and eventually launched her own brick & mortar salon to realize her entrepreneurial ambitions. She said she attends masterclasses and conventions when she can to freshen up her training with new techniques and innovations, like one with renowned beauty maven Kelley Baker, whose craftsmanship can be found on the foreheads of celebrity sensations like Shay Mitchell and Kourtney Kardashian. 

Additional skincare services with noninvasive methods suited for almost all skin types and conditions are also available, like hydrafacials, highly sought after for a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, extraction and hydration with an antioxidant-enriched serum, and concentrated LED light therapy that targets acne and aging irritants.

As for location, her decision to establish a storefront in the Heart of Bellevue just seemed like commonsense.

“It’s a vibrant, bustling place,” Kasie explained. “I’ve just become so ingrained in the culture and drawn to the fact that people not only live in the area, but work and travel here for all that the community has to offer.”

For Kasie, waxing, tinting and styling brows isn’t simply a perfunctory practice. She gravitated toward eyebrows specifically for the artistry, stylistic statement and hospitable touch that coalesce in shaping these expressive features.

When Kasie and her staff grappled with shuttering its doors for months during the statewide lockdown initiative, she said that untimely intermission actually served as a blessing in disguise. Like Studio Wax, nearly every modest business has quickly learned that harnessing social media activity and all its resources can make an astronomic difference in spurring broader participation, inclusivity and continued investment in relationships with customers.

An educational component in the form of guided tutorials, a revamped website and virtual brow consultations allowed Kasie to extend her knowledge and dexterity across the digital dimension to shepard folks at home struggling to define their unruly caterpillar-brows.

Excited to usher in growth by welcoming a new staff member on board and bold ventures like introducing the Studio Wax Online Store. In the spirit of change, Kasie has charged forward amid major transformations to her business model, by developing the savvy marketplace feature and debuting an original line of brow beauty products, including the Studio Wax Precision Brow Pencil, available in a myriad of shades to compliment any complexion, and the Studio Wax Brow Set, a clear, gel formula easily applied to contour and securely set your brows without any hassle!

Given the restrictions in place limiting store occupancy, only two patrons are allowed in the studio at a time. Book your appointment in advance by phone or reserve a time online that suits your schedule.

Leave your troubles at the door and decompress with a self-care treatment guaranteed to leave you in high spirits!

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