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Building a Better Food Future With Bellevue's Pasta & Co

December 16, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Building a Better Food Future With Bellevue's Pasta & Co

For over 35 years, Pasta & Co has been a convenient source for ready-to-eat-or-heat foods. Often described as “gourmet take-out," their concept resembles a mix of grocery store and deli, serving cold pasta, salads and a section of frozen foods all made with pure, all-natural ingredients. You’ll also find local products like honey, chocolate and wine for sale that support nearby businesses. 

To the Bellevue community, Pasta & Co is more than just a place to eat. It's become a destination for the busybodies that live, work and play downtown. Manager Beau Lawson explained Pasta & Co’s style of serving is to make everyone’s lives easier.

“Our past focus was making family dinners, but as we saw Bellevue’s work culture completely change we switched it around and now offer more ready-made lunches and grab-and-go items to get people to where they need to be,” Lawson said.

The pandemic was a time to reflect and rethink for Pasta & Co. During the peak of COVID-19, the Bellevue location stayed open with only a three-day closing period. The staff was able to build new relationships and better understand what customers were looking for. They found a new way to operate, creating a menu that fit the expectations of people who spend time in Downtown Bellevue. This included more pre-made meal boxes, salad kits and sandwiches that could easily be handed off during an era where touching was obsolete.

“The people we see more often are business workers with a short lunch break and zero time on their hands," Lawson said. "The ready-to-go meals, while created for the pandemic, are the perfect thing for the Bellevue community.”

While the food is quick to make, the ingredients are always local and fresh. This commitment goes far beyond Bellevue. Pasta & Co is on a bigger mission to 'Change the Way America Eats', as part of the Sugar Mountain food company. They contribute to the Beecher's Foundation, which empowers 4th and 5th grade students each year to make healthy food choices. This food education program takes place across the country, and includes free in-class nutrition and cooking workshops that spark curiosity in food. Since 2006, the workshops have inspired more than 180,000 kids to make positive food choices for life.

If your goal this holiday season is to eat well and make a difference, we recommend ordering Pasta & Co's three-course holiday meal. From each purchase, 1% of all sales are donated to the Beecher's Foundation. For Christmas Day, order by Dec. 20 for pickup on Dec. 24.

Image courtesy of: Beecher's Foundation

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