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Workforce Wellness - Priority #1: A Talk with Microsoft

October 23, 2020 - by Mason Luvera

Category Downtown Talks

Workforce Wellness: Priority #1

How the wellness policies at Microsoft support employees & shape the future

For our first Downtown Talks conversation, we chatted with Colleen Daly, Microsoft’s public health and wellness lead, on how the company is responding to the pandemic and what that means for the future. Dr. Daly left us with key insights on the company’s workforce wellness initiatives and the strategies their using to safely return to their offices. If you didn’t catch the full 20 minute conversation, you can watch the recording at your convenience. Or, catch the highlights below:

How have workforce wellness trends changed over the past decade?

What’s ahead for the future?

How can smaller organizations scale these workplace wellness strategies?

What should the community keep in mind?

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