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Checking In to Check Out: Self-Care Tips from Recoop Spa

September 15, 2020 - by Mona Ghorbani

Checking In to Check Out: Self-Care Tips from Recoop Spa

Whether you’re burned out working from home or just dealing with the stressors of daily life, not taking time to relax and unwind can put a damper on our mental and physical health. Sometimes we need an extra nudge to take a breather, and if that sounds like you right about now, we suggest you take an afternoon and visit Recoop Spa to enjoy a full array of personalized experiences that will leave you rejuvenated.

Recoop Spa opened their doors in the Heart of Bellevue in May 2014. Whether you need a massage, a facial, a full body treatment or an update for your, Recoup Spa’s full service offerings will meet your needs. 

Of course, keeping clients safe is paramount. We spoke with Sherry Duan, Regional Manager at Recoop Spa, to get the 411 on the extra safety measures they’re taking, and learn a few at-home self-care tips for when you need a little relaxation on the fly.

The staff at Recoop are following CDC guidelines to keep customers safe. Employees are using full PPE, regularly sanitizing surfaces and keeping equipment sterile. Staff have also reduced their capacity to comply with social distancing, and every individual in the spa is required to wear a mask and be checked for temperatures. About 15-20 minutes is taken to sanitize all the surface areas that customers may get in contact with. 

“Customers trust us in providing a safe environment to serve them, we feel strongly responsible to keep COVID out of our door,” Duan said. “We are all in this together.”

The pandemic has decreased traffic to the spa by 30% compared to last year. Everyone is taking it slow, but Duan is grateful that people are still coming in seeking much needed self-care and supporting their local business. 

“Bellevue is one of the fastest-growing cities on the west coast,” Duan said. “We love the people here and are proud to be a part of the community.

While they are reassuring clients they are taking every precaution possible, the spa is also offering a few specials for when people are ready to come in and unwind. They are also coming out with virtual consultation services soon, for those who need help from professionals but are not able to make it into the spa.

“We just released a new service called ‘Take A Breather’ – it’s a fully-clothed, reduced-priced massage featuring the ‘Breather’, our signature aromatherapy blend.” Duan said.

This massage is customized and focused on each customer’s area of tension. It will also improve mobility and ease the muscle stress of working from home. Each customer will be able to take the ‘Breather’ aromatherapy set with them and continue to enjoy its benefits at home. 

Of course, we can all use a bit more relaxation and self-care on our own time. Duan suggested the following tips to unwind and keep healthy at home:

  • Stretch your body more than usual. We tend to be less active during a pandemic, especially for those who work from home. 
  • Stay hydrated – it’s key. Water helps our muscles and joints work better and also helps with skin elasticity.
  • Cleanse your face regularly, now more than ever. Wash your face with a good cleanser to take off makeup, excess oils, and bacteria.

Whatever your needs may be, sometimes you need to check-in to check-out from all the chaos. And what better way to “recoop-erate” than to head over to Recoop Spa for that instant replenish. 

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