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Coffee for Your Lifestyle

February 9, 2018 - by Emma Sullivan

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Coffee For Your Lifestyle

Emma Sullivan, February 9, 2018

A coworker recently asked me for suggestions for a coffee shop for "a business meeting with a guy in the tech industry...and I want to be able to have a space for good conversation...but also have it be a cool/impressive place to take them." 

This got me thinking about all the varying ways in which the coffee-obsessed people in the PNW (myself included) use coffee shops. So, however you identify in the context of 'PNW Coffee Lover,' I've come up with the best coffee options in Downtown Bellevue for you. 


"I need my morning, lunch, and afternoon coffee as quickly as possible." 

  • Starbucks - everyone knows Starbucks is everywhere and while coffee snobs may sniff, this is one of the easiest ways for a quick coffee. My tip? Order ahead via their mobile app while you're sitting on the bus, walking, etc. and that way you can skip the line and just pick up your coffee and keep going! 
  • Caffe Ladro - located on the ground floor of the Expedia building, Caffe Ladro offers quality coffee, is in the heart of Downtown Bellevue, and (most importantly?) the line moves very quickly. 




"I need a study space in Downtown Bellevue." 

  • Cafe Cesura - Cafe Cesura is a little tucked away from the hustle an bustle of Downtown but I love it for its gorgeous interior and quality coffee. It is also conveniently located close to the Bellevue Library and has plenty of table space to set up shop. 
  • T'Latte - Is it blasphemy to say my favorite thing on their menu is the T-Latte (i.e., not coffee)? I love the simplicity and the no-frills approach of T'Latte. It also has lots of tables - I've never had trouble finding a place to sit. T'Latte has been complicit to many of my stressful study sessions in the past...made better by a warm drink and friendly baristas. 




"I want to impress my trendy friends." 

  • 3rd Culture Coffee - complete with previously unimagined (by me) drinks such as an Espresso Milkshake, Turmeric Latte and New Orleans Ice Coffee, this place is a hipster paradise. The location even has a swing you can really sit on! 
  • Cafe Trophy - Cafe Trophy really wins for its glamorous decor. Every time I walk in and order something I feel like a grown-up princess. There are plenty of things to instagram and the coffee is good too. Bonus! There are cupcakes, champagne, and macaroons to complete the picture. 
  • Fika House Kafe - everyone assumes that Europeans do everything better, and coffee is part of that too. 'Fika' is the Swedish idea of a coffee break, and everything that comes with it - it's a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. Fika House Cafe does just that, offering scrumptious waffles and quality coffee that'll take you to that moment of Nirvana. 


"I want somewhere I can meet someone for a casual business meeting." 

  • Honor Coffee & Tea - Nestled a little ways away from the Bravern, Honor Coffee is usually pretty quiet, has plenty of sitting/table space, and even opens its garage-style doors during the summer. A great place to sit down for a meeting a little outside the hubbub of Downtown. 
  • Dote Coffee Bar - in the heart of the Lincoln Square Expansion, Dote is easy to get to from anywhere Downtown. The location has plenty of sitting space and the tables are slightly removed from the main thoroughfare. Dote is high-end coffee, chocolate and baked goods at their finest, and will impress any client you may be meeting. 




And one more for the masses...

"I don't want coffee but I LOVE bubble tea." 

  • Drive Thru Boba - it physically pains me that Drive Thru Boba is only open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 6 p.m. They get everything right with their simple formula - nothing crazy, very few choices, just quality bubble tea. The space itself is pristine, and minimalist. 
  • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice - this location wins in the exact opposite way that Drive Thru Boba does. The drinks have so much going on and there are so many different options, you almost don't know where to start. My favorite choice? A classic matcha milk tea with pearls. Don't forget to add their 'macchiato' to any of your drinks - it's a sort of salted caramel cream and is all sorts of amazing. 
  • Sharetea - Sharetea is one of the most well-known bubble tea chains from around the world and is now opening in Downtown Bellevue! Go check it out and see if it lives up to the hype.